Consciously design a blueprint for change.

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Money DNA
What is Money DNA? Many of us have been impacted by all things 2020. We want to get back on track! People tell me they know better is possible and they want to know how.Judy is asked continually—Do we inherit our patterns of thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes, could it be that we also inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, mindsets and outcomes around money? The answer is a resounding yes! 

This workshop provides more in-depth training and experience for exploring systemic patterns in business and leaders, further aligning Emotional DNA with Organizational DNA.

Gain the insights and tools to shift your Money DNA towards a healthy relationship with money and the ability to receive limitless abundance.


Gain the ability to move to the next level of leadership by surfacing and leveraging hidden leadership strengths and stop what is not working. 

What You Get From A Live Event

Working together through coaching or workshops, Judy will help you consciously design a blueprint for change. You’ll learn to see patterns and behaviors and understand what they mean to your system so you can mindfully change the language, actions, thoughts, and feelings to align with the new way of thinking and being. It might start with one small simple word, one repetitive action, but when you put these concepts into action, you begin to change your blueprint and design your own life. 

“You access flow by being determined to succeed.  Not be being willing to suffer”

Judy Wilkins-Smith

Who Attends Events & Why?

Workshops are well attended by a variety of professionals including those in HR, Coaching, Therapy, HealthCare, Organizational Development and Change, Lawyers, Engineers, Consultants, Media, Entrepreneurs, and more. They are looking to upgrade themselves to their next level. This approach offers them the opportunity to logically yet deeply explore limitations to their personal and professional success. They learn to convert those into strengths they can use to create breakthroughs and fulfillment. 

What People are Saying

She is the most skillful constellation practitioner I’ve ever been with and worked with. She has a light about her of positivity. That’s very impactful just by being around her. I think that things shift in very subtle ways and sometimes in big ways. But after we leave a workshop, things are changed.

Beatrice W. Hansen, Principal, Presence-Based® Coaching

Judy is a phenomenal facilitator. She’s kind, knowledgeable, and will guide you every step of they way. She’ll guide you into learning how to facilitate the process so that you can become empowered yourself. It’s an amazing process of discovery, to learn how to be a facilitator, or if you just want to come and actually be the change that you want to be. 

Brian Stovall, CEO, Activate One

Judy is gifted, Judy is an amazing teacher, trainer, individual and being, but she has a gift of being able to sense and feel in the field. It’s tap into the knowing field in a way that is just incredible. So she’s gifted me and she’s gifted people in my life and my family and through me clients also. So, I’d call her a life changer.

Susan Walters Minker, Coach & Facilitator 

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