Emotional DNA

October 8-10, 2021 | Online

The Program

This 3-day workshop provides more in-depth training and experience for exploring systemic patterns in business and leaders, further aligning Emotional DNA with Organizational DNA.

Just as your physical DNA is inherited, your emotional genetics also get passed down from generation to generation. Patterns of success, failure, love, and money can be linked back to your ancestral family system. This means, if a limiting pattern lives in your family history, it can show up in your personal and business life.

Think of Emotional DNA as a blueprint created by your ancestors, a set of decisions and events leading to patterns and outcomes. As your life unfolds, you end up repeating versions of these patterns that may have been created generations ago. This way of connecting with your family system is deeply unconscious, yet faithfully repeated. So, while the struggle is real, it may not belong to you.

If you are attending the Money DNA event at Disney you can attend this event for just $125!
What is Money DNA? Many of us have been impacted by all things 2020. We want to get back on track! People tell me they know better is possible and they want to know how.Judy is asked continually—Do we inherit our patterns of thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes, could it be that we also inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, mindsets and outcomes around money? The answer is a resounding yes! 
Your Money DNA determines how you can or can’t, will or won’t make, lose, or accumulate wealth!And… you can change that!  Transformation of your Money DNA is possible for JUST $1775!
Although Emotional DNA will be briefly outlined – we highly recommend you do the foundational Emotional DNA event online October 8-10th.

Complete package includes:

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    • Signature workshop tuition and materials 
    • CCE’s for ICF members
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