Leadership & Organizational DNA

April 1-3, 2022 | Texas

The Program

Develop the ability to move leaders from stuck to successful in any situation. You’ll be able to help leaders understand why knowing their proper place in their family and in their professional lives matters. Help clients consciously create the Leadership DNA they want to demonstrate. Understanding the triggers, learn to reframe limitations into patterns of greatness.

How leaders lead is a direct result of where and how we belong at home, in collusion with or reaction to our family systems. And when leaders become stuck, it’s a signal that they’re ready to evolve beyond their box. This is when we invite them to examine their Organizational and Emotional DNA for the seeds of greatness, disguised as challenges. This is where leaders learn that everything in their lives has a purpose. Working together, we can show them how to mindfully migrate from stuck to greatness, to become truly big leaders.