Master Facilitor Workshop

December 2, 2021

The Program

Are you looking to level up? Participants interested in taking all four workshops can become a Certified Facilitator.

In your own work as a facilitator, taking all four workshops can show you how to identify, break, and resolve patterns that don’t serve and consciously create patterns for success. Workshops and trainings will teach you the principles that govern all living systems. You’ll learn to examine systemic sentences and their effects on success or failure, and learn to facilitate through dimensional mapping, accessing multi-generations in organizations, roles and individuals.

When you work in the field of human potential, transforming leaders into visionary rock stars feels extraordinary. Because when most people feel stuck, they think they’re a limited edition, incapable of becoming big. It’s our job to show clients the mindful path to unlimited self-worth. And whenever you help someone identify a behavior pattern that lives in their family system–good or bad–it’s transformative. You can literally see profound shift take root as they realize how this multigenerational pattern has affected their own life and use it in order to ignite a new pattern. To watch the visceral, human reaction as your client becomes unstuck, is pure magic.

Working with a whole system in mind creates healthy workplaces and individuals. You’ll learn to identify the issue, see the patterns and experientially test solutions in one sitting.