Money DNA

October 28-31 | Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

The Program
What is Money DNA? Many of us have been impacted by all things 2020. We want to get back on track! People tell me they know better is possible and they want to know how.Judy is asked continually—Do we inherit our patterns of thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes, could it be that we also inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, mindsets and outcomes around money? The answer is a resounding yes! 
Your Money DNA determines how you can or can’t, will or won’t make, lose, or accumulate wealth!And… you can change that!  Transformation of your Money DNA is possible! 

During This Event You Will:

    • Realize that you are capable of shifting your Money DNA inheritance
    • Reveal your limiting mindsets and patterns around money
    • Reframe limiting patterns into the gifts & strengths they were meant to be
    • Rewire your money patterns so you can create the life you want. 
    • Go deep within to connect with your inheritance so you can move forward.
    • Learn skillsets and tools you can use in your personal and professional life

Money is not a commodity. It is a relationship, flow, spiritual, and a symbol for many facets of your life. Using 3D mapping also known as a constellations and our new transformative products you can create profound inner shifts, resulting in changes in your outer world including your financial situation. You can explore what holds you back and design what moves you forward.

What Can You Expect At The Workshop 

Throughout this immersive 4-day intensive, you’ll work hard and dig deep, learning tools, strategies, nuances, and constellations that enable you to look at your Money DNA and teach it to become your ally and strength. This no-excuses interactive workshop pushes your boundaries in ways that are respectful yet inviting. This is a place where you will learn to step beyond self-imposed limiting patterns and go deep in ways that are respectful yet inviting and shifting. You will play hard, noticing all the places that money flows in these surroundings. You will transform your money conclusions, thoughts, feelings, actions.


When you learn to look at money systemically, you will recognize the origins of your limiting patterns, and see what’s trying to emerge for and through you. We were taught that money is an either or – either love or money. It’s not. It’s an ‘and.’ It is a great friend and resource once you understand how to work with it. 

Complete package includes:

    • Disney World Park Tickets
    • Discounted accommodation rates at the Swan and Dolphin’s Dolphin Hotel
    • Signature workshop tuition and materials 
    • CCE’s for ICF members
    • Signature planned event 
    • Deluxe Breakfast 
    • Disney snack deluxe break
    • Surprise magic that awaits you at Disney!

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      Emotional DNA Online for just $125

      Our Emotional DNA event sets the stage for all systemic work and constellations. Here we delve deep into the rules and principles that govern all existing systems. We explore the hidden world that runs your life. You will learn about inherited Emotional DNA, where it comes from how it keeps you stuck and how to move through it and past it to create success and fulfillment. Dimensionalizing an issue, also known as a constellation is key to breaking limiting cycles and creating new direction at a deep and lasting level. It is the breakthrough element of this work. You literally get to see what’s happening inside you – in front of you. Interaction using multiple senses and elevated emotions enables you to rewire your thoughts, feelings and actions, undoing generations of patterns and freeing you to create your best life. What you learn here you can begin applying to your life right away. Anybody can do it and the results are life changing.   

  • Surprise magic that awaits you at Disney! Although Emotional DNA will be briefly outlined – we highly recommend you do the foundational Emotional DNA event online October 8-10th, 2021. 
With your registration to Money DNA you can join Emotional DNA for just $125! (Regularly $850)
This online event will provide foundational information for your Money DNA. Its not required, but is a wonderful addition to complete your transformation.