Systemic Coaching Intro (1 Day) June 22, 2023 with Brian Stovall, Activate One L.L.C. | $200

Have you ever noticed that you keep doing the same thing over and over again? Maybe things you told yourself you would never do like mom and dad? These patterns are pointing to what is not working anymore, so that we can begin to perceive where change is possible. You know you inherit your physical DNA, but do you also know you inherit your emotional DNA?

What is Emotional DNA?

Your patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions. This shows up, for example, in relationships, leadership, organizations, finances, and many other areas of your life. In systemic work, we identify patterns that are passed from generation to generation, offering the opportunity for resolution, evolution, and transformation.

What is a constellation?

A constellation is a 3D approach used to explore issues in your system. It uses people or objects to represent relevant elements of your system. Individuals, families, and organizations use constellations to illuminate tensions, blockages, imbalances, opportunities and directions. Constellations highlight unconscious loyalties and hidden patterns within your system. Using a constellation, we are able to make the unconscious conscious and the invisible visible.