Systemic Coaching
June 22, 2023
Houston, Texas

The Program

Systemic work is the study of you within systems. Family, culture, country, business, school, religion, organizations—all are systems with their own unique rules, history, expectations, needs, loyalties and different experiences of belonging that impact us. You are the product of hundreds of generations of emotional DNA created via these systems—emotional DNA that is affecting you today and everyday.

Each successive generation can either repeat their emotional DNA or change it. During Systemic Work and Constellations events, you get to see how YOU are the change agent your family system has been waiting for. You learn to identify the myriad symptoms such as anxiety, money problems, poor relationships, illnesses, depression, etc. that arise when there is an imbalance in systems that you are part of—symptoms that want to resolve through you. 

Learn to identify what keeps you stuck and learn how to see, feel, hear, touch, embody and transform limiting emotional DNA patterns/mindsets so that you free yourself and are able to create new healthy patterns and a new lifestyle for yourself. If you’re a practitioner, you will learn to do the same for your clients. 

In this event, you will:

  • Learn that systems are living, breathing organisms that evolve in the ways that we shape them, and that they, in turn, shape us.
  • Learn about yourself in relationship to your family system.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the emotions and patterns that limit us and the possibilities that set us free.
  • Learn how your language, thoughts, feelings and actions are often multi-generational.
  • Learn how to reframe limiting patterns into towering strengths by literally rewiring your brain, creating new perceptions, language, thoughts, feelings, and actions that will imprint your DNA and the DNA of your descendants.
  • Learn how to use multiple senses and an approach called a “constellation” to have an embodied experience of your issue and potential solutions.

Are you a health practitioner or coach? This event will teach you all the above, with the major benefit that you will learn how to work the entire system and not just the client. This is vital because every client is not an isolated individual. S/he is the sum total of all systemic influences, which is an ongoing dynamic throughout life.

Are you a genealogist?  In this event you will begin to understand that physical heritage means more than just physical places and events. We are the resulting sum of the mindsets and emotions created by decisions made about historical events that are transmitted down through the emotional DNA of our lineages.


    • A more holistic view of life
    • An increased capacity to express on an expanded level
    • Less judgment and greater compassion and insight into others
    • More effective ways to work with clients
    • Freedom from victim mindsets


June 22, 2023

INTRODUCTORY EVENT with Brian Stovall, Activate One LLC

If you are unfamiliar with Systemic Work & Constellations, it is highly advisable that you attend this introductory presentation before the 3-day Systemic Coaching event. This Introduction to Systemic Work & Constellations is registered for and paid for separately from the Systemic Coaching event.

Price: $100

June 23 – 25, 2023

SYSTEMIC COACHING EVENT with Judy Wilkins Smith & Brian Stovall.

This 3-day event follows the Systemic Work & Constellations Introduction on June 22.

Price: $500 – ONE TIME ONLY – Normally $895


Hampton Inn & Suites Houston Heights I-10 5820 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77007