Experience Judy Wilkins-Smith
LIVE in Depth at the Advanced Workshop

Working together through coaching or workshops, Judy will help you reveal, reframe and rewire. You’ll learn to see patterns of behaviors and understand what they mean to your system, so you can mindfully change the language, actions, thoughts and feelings to align with the new way of thinking and being. It might start with one simple word, one small repetitive action, but when you put these concepts into action, you begin to change your blueprint and design your own life.


The Advanced Workshop

Just as we inherit our physical and emotional DNA, we also inherit loyalties to decisions made about events and our reactions to them. Over time these unconscious loyalties erode purpose and clarity and we fall victim to a multi-generational systemic trance. It happens to most of us and keeps us stuck. Our ability to discern what we came here for gets lost in our unconscious loyalty to the stronger system or systemic conscience. Yet somewhere in our hearts and minds there is a wish or desire to find our purpose and clarity and to follow our true callings and desires.

We might say there is an old pattern trying to stop and a new pattern trying to emerge through you. 

At this immersive 4-day intensive, Judy show you the tools and strategies to surface those unconscious loyalties, for yourself and for your clients’ and their organizations.

•  You will find what’s needed to shift you and your clients in order to stop the patterns from repeating. 

• You will learn how to make your purpose stronger than your history allowing you to move from stuck to fulfilled in order to create profound and lasting change.

NOVEMBER 6-9, 2020



Complete Package Includes:

  • Tickets to Walt Disney World (includes Fastpasses and Christmas Kitchen access)
  • Special accommodation rates at Walt Disney World Swan Resort. Room sharing welcome. No offsites please
  • Tuition and materials for professional workshop
  • CCE’s for ICF members
  • Full breakfast and coffee each day
  • One signature dinner/experience
  • Other magic not to be discovered until you are here.

“All our dream can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney