Announcing the 2020 Advanced Workshop:


November 6-9, 2020

at The Walt Disney Dolphin Resort

Orlando, Florida

Life is a funny thing. This past week I almost changed the advanced class for this year. Fear DNA was this year’s topic and I wondered if it might be too much given the circumstances. Then I realized…these are exactly the times in which we take a significant event, have a reaction, then create thoughts and feelings that start to generate mindsets of fear.

I watched people going crazy fighting each other for supplies and then I watched others shop for those who couldn’t get out. Two opposite ends of the spectrum and I was reminded of how we can transform fear into courage and resilience. With that in mind I will be offering a highly appropriate advanced topic this year. Transforming your Fear DNA

“Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood” – Marie Curie


Did you know that your fears are an invitation to a better life? When you learn to look at fear systemically and uncover its origins and purpose, you have a chance to convert it into strength, direction, self-respect, and capability.

Throughout this workshop, you are going to discover the origins and effects of your Fear DNA and then you are going to learn to mobilize and convert that Fear DNA from ‘watch out’ to ‘watch me.’

We all have coping mechanisms and sometimes they equip us with strengths we don’t even notice. And if your Fear DNA is a cultural or multi-generational one then it is in your hands to change. It is often at the forefront of the chapter that only you can write. You are the change agent. People who learn to understand the clues and harness their fears, often recognize that fear was simply the igniter they needed for the best of themselves to emerge in their personal and professional lives.

What Can You Expect At The Workshop

Throughout this immersive 4-day intensive at Walt Disney World, you’ll work hard and dig deep, learning tools, strategies, nuances, and constellations that enable you to look at your Fear DNA and teach it to become your ally and strength. This no-excuses interactive workshop pushes your boundaries in ways that are respectful yet inviting. This is a place where you will learn to step beyond self-imposed limits. 

Then we’ll go and play, recharging and renewing for this experience of transformation. 

You will learn different ways to invite fear to emerge and transform using systemic questioning and language; set up and conclude constellations and create new possibilities for you and your clients.

“All our dream can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Explore & Transform Your Fear DNA - Change Your Future

Just as we inherit our physical and emotional DNA, we also inherit loyalties to decisions made about events and our reactions to them. Over time these unconscious loyalties can encode  fear into the system and you can fall victim to a multi-generational systemic trance of fear. It happens to many of us. Our ability to move past our fear can get halted by our loyalty to the stronger system or a significant event. Yet somewhere in our hearts and minds we know that moving past the fears that limit us is important to our well being and fulfillment.

We might say fear, as it appears, is a pattern wanting to stop and possibility is the pattern trying to emerge through you. 

At this immersive 4-day intensive, I’ll show you the tools and strategies to surface those fears, respect them and give them their place and then make way for something new to emerge, in your personal or professional life. 

You’ll also find out what you may be protecting in the ways you are stuck in that fear and how to rewire and reframe it from a limiting history to an incredible future, creating profound and lasting change.

By the End of this Workshop
You Will Be Able To:

    • Elicit and use systemic sentences as insights and pivot points for change from fear to possibility, ally or strength. 
    • Identify patterns that need to rest and surface the patterns that are trying to emerge through you or your clients.
    • Reframe and rewire fear into a transformative agent for change. 
    • Set up and complete constellations using live or inanimate representatives.
    • Perceive fear DNA as a clue for direction and growth.

NOVEMBER 6-9, 2020

The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort

Complete Package Includes:

  • Tickets to Walt Disney World (includes Fast Passes and Christmas Kitchen access)
  • Special accommodation rates at the Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World. Room sharing is welcome. 
  • Workshop materials
  • CCE’s for ICF members
  • Full breakfast and coffee each day
  • One signature/dinner experience
  • Other magic waiting to be discovered at Disney!

Advanced Workshop 2020

$ 1,775
  • One Time Payment (Pay in Full)

Advanced Workshop 2020

$ 443
  • 4 Equal Payments Plan

Will you create a library of fear
or rise up and wonder at your own capability?

Fear can transform into
inspiration, resilience, kindness, wisdom and wonder.” 

Judy Wilkins-Smith