Advanced Workshop 2020 | Fear DNA

$443.75 / month for 4 months

Advanced Workshop 2020 | Fear DNA

November 6-9, 2020

Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort
1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


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This 4-Day Advanced Intensive is for anyone looking to deepen their facilitation skills in family constellations and organizational constellations.

Each attendee must have completed a workshop in family or organizational constellations or system dynamics with Judy or another recognized trainer.

This workshop is designed to stretch you in many ways. It’s in the luxury section of Disney World and at a higher price point than my other workshops. To do be different you have to do different and you have to be willing to stretch even when it seems scary. You are growing into the highest version of yourself. This experience is designed to change your thoughts, your emotions, your mindsets, your patterns, your level of success, your life. You are learning to grow the life you want and takes stretching.

Just as we inherit our physical and emotional DNA, we also inherit loyalties to decisions made about events and our reactions to them. Over time these unconscious loyalties can encode  fear into the system and you can fall victim to a multi-generational systemic trance of fear. It happens to many of us. Our ability to move past our fear can get halted by our loyalty to the stronger system or a significant event. Yet somewhere in our hearts and minds we know that moving past the fears that limit us is important to our wellbeing and fulfillment.

We might say fear, as it appears, is a pattern wanting to stop and possibility is the pattern trying to emerge through you. At this immersive 4-day intensive, I’ll show you the tools and strategies to surface those fears, respect them and give them their place and then make way for something new to emerge, in your personal or professional life. You’ll also find out what you may be protecting in the ways you are stuck in that fear and how to rewire and reframe it from a limiting history to an incredible future, creating profound and lasting change.

Accommodations and workshops are at the luxurious Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort.

Pricing includes all workshop material.  Does not include airfare or accommodations.

By the end of this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Elicit and use systemic sentences as insights and pivot points for change from fear to possibility, ally or strength.
  • Identify patterns that need to rest and surface the patterns that are trying to emerge through you or your clients.
  • Reframe and rewire fear into a transformative agent for change.
  • Set up and complete constellations using live or inanimate representatives.
  • Perceive fear DNA as a clue for direction and growth.

What you’ll take away:

  • The ability to represent and facilitate fears dimensionally and create innovative, interactive solutions for your clients and yourself.
  • A better awareness of multi-generational events and their effects on fear in individuals and organizations.
  • Knowing how to use fear as a point of insight and ignition for direction and a mechanism for initiating strength.
  • Tools you can use to explain the dimensional approach to exploring and resolving issues to your clients.
  • The ability to see fear as a clue to what wants to stop and start in systems

Complete package includes:

  • Tickets to Walt Disney World (includes Fast Passes and Christmas Kitchen access)
  • Special accommodation rates at Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort. Room sharing welcome.
  • Workshop Materials
  • CCE’s for ICF members
  • Full breakfast and coffee each day
  • One signature dinner/experience
  • Other magic not to be discovered until you are here.


$1,775 per person | 4 Payments of $443.75

(Airfare and Accomodations not included)

Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort
1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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