Family Constellation Meditation Duo Pack Meditations of the Mother & Father

These are first of their kind multigenerational trauma meditations which incorporate Judy’s profound Systemic work and Constellations and Emotional DNA series. Each meditation in this family constellation meditation duo pack, is 55 minutes in length.

Ambition and purpose flow from the father and his line, creating an appetite for life and accomplishment. Harness these energies with this father meditation to create the life you’ve always wanted. Click to listen to a sample. 

mother meditation

Life flows from your mother to you. When you can accept that life, exactly as it is given to you, free of limiting stories, you and your world become transformed. Click to listen to a sample of this mother meditation.

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Every human being is born to be remarkable. And yet every human being is shaped by patterns handed down by their ancestors—invisible multi-generational patterns of decisions, thoughts, feelings, actions, inactions, reactions and choices that limit their responses to events and influence every decision of their lives, unconsciously running the show.  In a series of easy-to-understand steps, Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint explains how to uncover these Emotional DNA patterns, understand the limitations and the gifts they bring, embrace them, make new choices and rewire the brain, allowing the reader to transform and rise up, like the phoenix, into the best of who they really are. Written for the beginner, as well as for those who want to take systemic work and constellations to the next level, the book reveals how every individual can change and heal their Emotional DNA and be transformed through this amazing approach forever. Watch the video below and see other videos from Judy on her YouTube channel here.