Mini Course: An Introduction to Emotional DNA

Are you curious?
What is Systemic Work and Constellations?
What is YOUR emotional DNA?

You don’t just inherit your physical DNA, you also inherit your Emotional DNA, patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions (and inactions) of your ancestors. Quite literally, The words that you speak the feelings you feel and the actions you take (or don’t take) often began in the mouths and bodies of your ancestors. 

I’ve created a simple mini course for you to jump right in and get started.

Why is it so important to know about this? Well, your inherited Emotional DNA reveals your family ancestry and contains all the clues to your family system’s, limitations, and possibilities—limitations you might be currently experiencing as well as the possibilities that are trying to emerge through you. You literally have an internal epigenetic treasure chest waiting to be discovered and activated so that you can live your greatest life possible. The sages of history weren’t joking when they said, “Everything you need is within you.”

Systemic work and constellations illuminates your inner world, giving you a way to see patterns and limitations and gifts that have, up until now, been invisible and unconscious. Once you see what has you stuck and what’s waiting to set you free, you can move in a new direction, often undoing generations of unconscious habits and patterns in your ancestral line.

The embodied experience of a constellation facilitates insights and shifts that rewire your brain, shifting your inner world so that your outer world changes too. The highly interactive nature of this work ensures the engagement of multiple senses, leading to an embodied experience of a heightened and evolutionary understanding of the world within and around you and your place in it. At these events transformational exercises and experiences accelerate your growth, enabling you to write the chapter that only you can write.

Learn more. In just an hour and half you will have a deeper understanding of this important work, as well as experience a live constellation and more:

What you will get:

    • A well-grounded understanding of systems and how you can learn they help you to break cycles of limitations and transform them into strengths to create a fulfilling life
    • An understanding of Emotional DNA, neuroscience and epigenetics
    • An understanding that transformation is practical, logical, and attainable yet deeply profound and life changing
    • Genealogy 3.0
    • A virtual experience of a constellation, being a as a representative, or an observer and the insights you can gather from a constellation.
    • Practical tools to powerful transformation
    • How you are a super being not just a human being
    • A special discount for Disney – if you sign up by May31st 2023

What you will need for this mini course: 

    • Open hearts and minds
    • Post it notes and computer paper
    • Figurines or tokens you can use to represent different parts of your family system  
    • Markers
    • Pen to take notes
    • Kleenex