“The day you agree to be big is the humblest day of your life.” — JWS

Breaking Big

What is Breaking Big?

It’s breaking out of whatever place you’re stuck and into wherever you’re supposed to be. It’s breaking free of limiting cycles and creating new patterns of greatness. For yourself, your organization, your family, your world–for generations to come.

Your history holds the clues to your success and failure–pick your direction carefully.

When we feel stuck in our family or business lives, we are often unconsciously repeating a hidden generational pattern or are subject to an unconscious loyalty. Once we know what the pattern is and understand the events and dynamics that caused it, we are capable of flipping these patterns into breakthrough performance in our personal lives, careers and organizations.

Strength is struggle reframed.

Think of all the places you are stuck, all the bumps, mishaps and train wrecks you’ve experienced in your life. It’s like a junk pile of disconnected pieces. But when you know how to look at that “mess,” you suddenly start to see how every single piece has a place and a gift. You begin to understand exactly where it all belongs, and find the gold–the gifts and strengths that are uniquely yours.

See what’s at play. With family constellations.

Using a dimensional or 3-D approach, we’ll map out the issues and connect the dots. You’ll acknowledge old patterns and recognize the purpose they’ve served. You’ll learn how to use them effectively in a way that breaks the cycle of limitation.

Being big is humble.

We are all told that being small is humble and right. Truth is, the most humble step you will ever take in your life, is the day you finally agree to be big. Because that’s the day you are truly in service of your best life and the lives around you. This is when we begin to live in flow. You access flow by being determined to succeed, not by needing to suffer. Being big, challenges you to be a role model for what’s possible. You weren’t put on this earth to think small. It’s time to break big.

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