“You access flow by being determined to succeed. Not by being willing to suffer.” — Judy Wilkins Smith


Systemic Facilitating and Coaching

In your own work as a facilitator, Breaking Big can show you how to identify, break and resolve patterns that don’t serve and consciously create patterns for success. Workshops and trainings will teach you the principles that govern all living systems. You’ll learn to examine systemic sentences and their effects on success or failure, and learn to facilitate through dimensional mapping, accessing multi-generations in organizations, roles and individuals.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

Society for Human Resource Management International Coach Federation (ICF) University of Texas at Austin Texas Department of State Health Services

International Accreditation

Institute for the Integration of System Dynamics in conjunction with The Hellinger Institute of The Netherlands

Certificate of Completion and Attendance (Family Dynamics workshops)

Institute for the Integration of System Dynamics

For Facilitators

Working with a whole system in mind creates healthy workplaces and individuals. You’ll learn to identify the issue, see the patterns and experientially test solutions in one sitting.

For Coaches, consultants and organizational development specialists

Often when working with your client, you seem to hit a brick wall. It’s usually because you’re only dealing with their professional system. That’s only half the story. Their family systems are their primary pattern makers. Without this information you may be flying blind. By learning to access and align their professional and personal systems, insight and breakthrough performance are achieved.

Organizations and HR

For professional development or when staff members hit a brick wall, systemic facilitation and coaching offers a deep, respectful and lasting way to shift from what is to what’s possible.

It’s personal, too.

Workshops are designed to take you beyond what is to what’s possible. What’s your single biggest issue? What’s keeping you stuck? Working through this experiential workshop format, you’ll understand why you’re stuck, what the gift is and how to use it with your own unique voice. Create lasting strength and direction.

Bespoke workshops are available.

Emotional DNA Recoded

1-Day Workshop at Disney

Rewrite your future by recoding your Emotional DNA

What if you could rewrite your future and create the life you want not the one you think you’re stuck with? What if you could change your luck, your relationships, your success?

Owning your Emotional DNA

Your life may not be the way it is solely because of something that happened to you as a child. Many times, we are unconsciously repeating a pattern that began generations ago and now lives in your Emotional DNA. Just we inherit our physical characteristics, we can also inherit behaviors, successes and failures, anxieties and entrepreneurial skills.

Breaking the cycle

Even if you don’t know your family, Emotional DNA passes from one generation to the next. In your hands, it can become something entirely different. Once you understand what lives there, you can consciously rewrite your future–and the future of those who come after you.

Shifting the future

Recoding your Emotional DNA begins with your commitment to shift and your willingness to look deep. Sadness turns to joy, struggle to success, junk piles to treasure troves. Any pattern that keeps resurfacing is yours to rewrite. Make it a pattern of greatness.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand your own Emotional DNA
  • Understand what created your obstacles and see how it’s affected you
  • Reach a deepening awareness that your only limits are the ones you create
  • Begin re-coding your Emotional DNA
  • Create lasting change and fulfillment in your life

Workshop Date

  • Public Workshop November 6, 2018 Disney Save the date!

Professional Series

Emotional DNA Professional Series for Certification

Become the biggest change creator your clients will ever work with

In this new experiential 4-part training series, I’ll teach you the tools and strategies to go deeper, faster with your clients to uncover obstacles and illuminate possibilities. By doing your own work and creating change from within, you’ll learn how to create profound and lasting change in the lives and businesses of your clients–in a way that’s fulfilling and inspiring.

Emotional DNA is your greatest gift.

Just as our physical DNA is inherited, our emotional genetics also get passed down from generation to generation. Success, failure, love and money can be linked back to our ancestral family system. And if a limiting pattern lives in that family system, it can show up in your personal and business life. Does that mean we’re doomed to repeat the past? No, the past only lives in you as a repetitive pattern until you see it, know what you want, choose something different and allow yourself to go all the way with your choice. Emotional DNA can be rewired. I’ll show you how to identify limiting patterns and establish new patterns of success and fulfillment for your clients so you can guide them to lasting transformation.

Find more meaning, depth and satisfaction in your work.

When you work in the field of human potential, transforming leaders into visionary rock stars feels extraordinary. Because when most people feel stuck, they think they’re a limited edition, incapable of becoming big. It’s our job to show clients the mindful path to unlimited self-worth. And whenever you help someone identify a behavior pattern that lives in their family system–good or bad–it’s transformative. You can literally see profound shift take root as they realize how this multigenerational pattern has affected their own life and use it in order to ignite a new pattern. To watch the visceral, human reaction as your client becomes unstuck, is pure magic.

New format for deeper learning, faster breakthroughs and lasting change.

My new Emotional DNA Professional Series for certification is a streamlined, 4-part workshop format designed to help you access a more complete picture of your client with a fuller understanding of the whole person. You’ll learn to quickly discern behavior patterns, see opportunities and establish direction so you can and begin the work of opening them up to the next level with steps that are believable and achievable. With this level of training, you’ll be able to guide your clients to life-shifting breakthroughs and lasting change like no other in your field.

1-Year Coaching Certification

Workshops may be taken in any order, but you must complete the full series to earn 120 CCE credits through the International Coach Federation (ICF) (30 per module).

Workshop 1
Emotional DNA

Workshop 2
Organizational DNA

Workshop 3
Relationship DNA

Workshop 4
Leadership DNA

Master Facilitator Workshops

For Organizational Dynamics + Family Dynamics

How do you become a good systemic facilitator? This skill is honed over time. By working with an experienced master facilitator, you’ll learn to ‘walk with’ the system while also holding space for what wants to emerge, respectfully and deeply.

In my masterclasses, you’ll deepen your understanding of how to identify, explore and resolve limiting patterns with real-life clients. If you’ve completed previous trainings in Family Dynamics or Organizational Dynamics, you’re eligible to participate as a facilitator. Still working through trainings? Come as an observer and learn from real-life work.

Master classes are currently offered in Houston the afternoon before 3-day workshops.

Who can facilitate

If you’ve completed either the Family Dynamics or Organizational trainings, you’re eligible to participate as a facilitator. Space is limited to 6 facilitators per master class, fee is $165.

Who should observe

Still working through trainings? If you haven’t yet completed a full training, attend the master class and observe to gain deeper insight into the facilitation process. Observer numbers are unlimited, fee to attend and observe is $85.

The Magic of Money DNA

Advanced 4-Day Workshop at Disney World

At this immersive workshop at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, I’ll show you the tools and strategies to rewrite your own Money DNA in order to create substantial and sustainable shifts for your clients.

Decoding your Money DNA

Just as we inherit our physical and emotional DNA, our relationship with money is handed down from generation to generation and intensified by culture, society and country of origin. Profit and plenty, struggle and loss. We live out these patterns as though they were our own, until they become our truth. Now for the magic: once you change the Money DNA you’ve inherited or created, the same reality is no longer possible. Because what we inherit is also ours to change.

It’s not a commodity, it’s a relationship.

Money can be your best friend greatest ally. Nurture it the way you would any other healthy, loving relationship in your life. With mutual respect and honesty, give and take, gratitude and kindness. Money should be cultivated and grown. You’ll learn how to talk to it, tell it what you need, what you want, what you fear, what it means to you, what you will give it. If you put down the blame and change the way you feel, speak and act around money, these new thoughts will bring new emotions, language, values, actions, patterns and reality.

Uncover your Money DNA magic at the most magical place on earth.

In this immersive workshop format at the luxurious Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, you’ll walk the walk and experience the systemic path to conscious financial growth and happiness in order to create profound and lasting change for your clients.

By the end of this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the effects of inherited money conscience on finances, relationships, self-worth, perceived limits
  • Walk a new conscious neural pathway with new values using a systemic FROM – TO, a clear intention and elevated emotion to get you all the way there
  • Walk your clients through their own perceived limits to a different financial view, with steps to improve their own financial reality

What you’ll take away:

  • A new understanding of how events from generations past create patterns that affect your financial success, failure and health today
  • Knowing how you can break negative patterns or amplify positive ones so you pass on the Money DNA of thriving to the next generation
  • The ability to change and choose bigger than your current reality, see new possibilities, have new emotions and achieve new outcomes financially

Workshop Date

  • Success DNA Workshop November 2 - 5, 2018 Disney Save the date!

All workshops are open to the public, and for professionals including:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Executives
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Facilitators
  • Therapists
  • Executives
  • HR Professionals

Payment policy

Breaking Big is an investment in yourself, your family, your organization, your future. In order to guarantee your place in any workshop, payment is due in full and there are no refunds.