Making the Unconscious Conscious & the Invisible Visible.

An extraordinary Fall Intensive

Harness the Power of your DNA…Learn how to rewire your Emotional, Money, Relationship, Leadership and Organizational DNA to name but a few of the DNA siblings.

What will YOU experience?

Experience system dynamics, constellation mapping and fall magic in deeply restorative Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville area nature sanctuary Bend of Ivy Lodge…

What you will learn in this intensive:

  • Why your history or symptoms are always in service of you.
  • How to see train wrecks as the gifts they really are.
  • How and why you matter to your family and other systems.
  • How to move from stuck to transformed.

What you will take away:

  • The understanding that multi-generational patterns exist and affect you deeply.
  • An understanding of Emotional DNA and how it’s a game-changer.
  • The knowledge that you are indeed the genie in your own bottle.
  • A thirst for the patterns that are trying to emerge through you.
  • An insight into how you are a remarkable life if only you know how to see it.

Early Bird Special Ends April 30.