Professional Series for Certification

Relationship DNA Workshop

This 3-day workshop explores personal and professional relationships of all kinds.

In every relationship, patterns and hidden loyalties can determine all kinds of choices at a subconscious level. Relationships at home set the tone for all of our relationships professionally and personally. Unresolved issues in our family systems can sabotage or launch a career and influence personal and professional relationships as well as team and leadership capabilities . When we shift these relationship dynamics, we mindfully construct new Relationship DNA.

What you’ll get out of this workshop
Learn to discern patterns in relationships, and see how they are always in service of growth in each person. Discover surprising truths about who really sabotages or sustains relationships, and where that originates. Help clients understand why they don’t get along with family, why there is difficulty finding or keeping a life partner, and how to improve relationships with co-workers, teams and leaders.

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