About Judy Wilkins-Smith

Who is Judy?

Judy is a highly-regarded international, organizational, individual and family patterns expert, systemic coach and trainer. Founder of the US company, System Dynamics for Individuals & Organizations, she is a sought-after motivational and informational speaker for conferences and businesses.

Her credentials read like the Who’s Who List of Corporate America. NASA, Microsoft, Pfizer, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, JP Morgan, Kraft Heinz, MARS Petcare North America, MARS LATAM, and the William Morris Agency are just a few of her clients.

Passionate about individual human potential, visionary leadership and positive, accelerated, global change, Judy’s work is truly revolutionary. Through her unique ability to understand critical relational dynamics and patterns in personal and organizational systems, she has taken the highly-esteemed healing methodologies of Systemic Work and Constellations to a whole new level for use as powerful new tools for personal growth and organizational transformation.

A Few of Judy's Clients

Training & Accreditation

  • Hellinger Netherlands: International System Dynamics in Organizations (Netherlands)
  • Hellinger Netherlands: Advanced Organizational Dynamics ,Train the Trainer (Costa Rica)
  • Hellinger Sciencia: Systemic coaching & Constellations (Austria)
  • International Trainer Organizational Dynamics in conjunction with Hellinger Netherlands
  • Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) provider 
  • CME provider SHRM (USA)
  • Certified in the Napoleon Hill Approach (USA)
  • Erhardt Training Seminars Trainer (South Africa)
  • Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania: Family & Individual Dynamics (USA)
  • Ericksonian Institute Dallas (USA)
  • Carl Rogers: Client Centered Approach & Crisis Facilitation (South Africa)
  • International Trainer Family & Individual Dynamics
  • CME provider – Austin Texas (USA)
  • Trainer Napoleon Hill (USA)
  • Relational Dynamics for Olivet (USA)

"Don't Be Intimidated, Be Curious."

- Judy Wilkins-Smith


I have worked with the most outstanding consultants globally to design and execute workshops. Judy is one of the very best in her ability to diagnose our needs and work with us to determine which of her vast array of tools could help us most. More than any other person I have worked with, she was able to challenge our thinking and change behaviors that were deeply rooted in our culture. 

~ Dennis R Fuller, ExxonMobil Chemical Company

I worked with Judy to identify deeper, more systemic family dynamics that were operating and leading to limiting beliefs about myself, affecting my professional leadership capabilities and my interpersonal relationships. By exploring these dynamics, I have been able to shift my views, better understand my personal values and form a much deeper view of my leadership brand, identity, and purpose.

             ~ Cheryl DeSantis – VP Mars Petcare North America

Judy’s ability to discern the patterns that limit progress and the new directions that lead to success make her a valuable asset both inside the boardroom and one-to-one with executives. Her forte lies in her ability to turn the journey into an adventure.

~ John Whittington, Founder of The Riverbank Partnership, UK


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