What is Systemic Coaching?

What is systemic coaching? We live and work in unconscious reference to multiple relationship systems – our cultural, professional, organisational and family relationship systems. Each creates its own loyalties and different experiences of belonging. All these systems are sustained by naturally occurring organising principles. These principles are seen time and again and experienced as balancing forces that move all human relationship systems towards wholeness and balance. When the organising forces are ignored or violated the system attempts to re-balance itself. This causes the limiting dynamics which have such a powerful impact on life and life at work.

what is systemic coaching?

The attempt to re-balance in alignment with the natural forces creates dynamics within and in-between systems. Awareness of the systems we come from and belong to together with insights into the impact those relationship systems have on our clients opens up new horizons for coaches and coaching interventions. When you hold the wider system in view and apply a methodology for respectfully bringing the dynamics to life – systemic coaching with constellations – you are working at a level that’s beyond the individual and beyond the visible. Organisation and relationship system coaching of this nature illuminates, clarifies and resolves complex issues restoring balance and health to leadership, team and organisational systems.

Systemic coaching gives priority to the system. Constellations illuminate the hidden architecture of relationship systems. Combined they offer unique benefits.

Judy recently had the pleasure of working with a leadership team in a large and innovative company looking to make a difference in the world.

They invest in the human potential within their company by offering professional development in innovative ways. They know that visionary leaders create visionary teams who can in turn create purpose and direction.

These courageous leaders went deep, connected beautifully and had fun while doing so with me at
Disney World. What a privilege.

“I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with Judy on personal relationship matters and career, life direction, and purpose. It has resulted in insights and clarity that have changed, how I relate to my family and how I lead at work. Judy’s work is powerful, often revealing that which was simply not seen nor understood before—yet once grasped, changes the course or direction of life, relationships and career in a wonderful, powerful and very real way.”

Philip Berber, Co-Founder & Chairman, A Glimmer of Hope

“As a consultant, I hold a variety of certifications. The most powerful of all of these is the Certification in Organizational Dynamics from Judy. This certification process spoke to my values of wisdom, effectiveness and clarity. With the tools obtained through this certification, I am able to help clients acknowledge and understand root causes of challenges and transform faster with greater effectiveness. The question isn’t, “Why would you sign up for this certification?” It’s “What are you waiting for?”

Tomi Bryan, PhD., J.D., Consultant

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