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Gain insights into what has you stuck and create the ability to identify and shift the hidden sentences, thoughts, and feelings that run your life. 

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What is Money DNA? Many of us have been impacted by all things 2020. We want to get back on track! People tell me they know better is possible and they want to know how.Judy is asked continually—Do we inherit our patterns of thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes, could it be that we also inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, mindsets and outcomes around money? The answer is a resounding yes! 
Your Money DNA determines how you can or can’t, will or won’t make, lose, or accumulate wealth! And… you can change that! Transformation of your Money DNA is possible! 

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"Judy is a skillful and insightful, yet objective facilitator and coach. The work she does is transformative, both on a personal and professional level. I highly recommend her!"
Kathleen Boyd, Head of Marketing, Houston Airport System
"I worked with Judy to identify deeper, more systemic family dynamics that were operating and leading to limiting beliefs about myself that were affecting my professional leadership capabilities and my interpersonal relationships. By exploring these dynamics, we began to see a pattern that was unknown to me but significant. By reframing these limiting beliefs and understanding what triggers them, I have been able to shift my views, better understand my personal values and form a much deeper view of my leadership brand, identity, and purpose.”
Cheryl Desantis, VP of People & Organization, The Nutro Company
"Judy's keen insight into the hidden dynamics and patterns that both limit and frustrate personal and organizational flow make her a great choice as a coach and facilitator for leaders in business who require a combination of coaching and insight. Her ability to discern the patterns that limit progress and the new directions that lead to success make her a valuable asset both inside the boardroom and one-to-one with executives. Her forte lies in her ability to turn the journey into an adventure.”
John Whittington, Founder, RiverBank Partnership UK & Systemic Coach and Facilitator
"Judy’s challenge was to help us see the hidden potential our organization has and how we can better utilize the capability within all of us to be inspiring. She was able to challenge our thinking and change behaviors that were deeply rooted in our culture. Judy has a great ability to help people see the very strong positive characteristics of the organization (which we mostly become almost blind to) and leverage them to talk about the future in a new way. We learned that our past affects our future whether we are aware of it or not. When we acknowledge it and seek to rebuild characteristics that have brought us great success in the past, we bring new energy to the future.”
Dennis R Fuller, Venture Manager, EXXON Mobil

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