How Big are you Willing to be?

There's only one way to find out.

Pan for gold

You are a goldmine of experience. Inside every bump, mishap and stuck place, there’s gold just waiting to be discovered. Every single piece is in service of you and your growth. Everything belongs, serving to push you to a bigger place. And when you know what to look for and how to use it, the root of your deepest pain becomes the source of your greatest strength. It may look like rubble, until you you learn to pan for gold. I’ll show you how.

What’s in your system?
Why does it matter to you?

In your family and in your business, you are part of a whole system. Within that system, lives a set of rules, hidden patterns and unconscious loyalties identified by a unique language, idiosyncratic actions, inexplicable exclusions and shaping events. This is your emotional inheritance, and it goes back for generations. Its priceless clues live within neural pathways that lead to limitation or liberation. In other words, you inherit your emotional and organizational DNA.

Begin a pattern of greatness

When we know how to connect the dots, we learn to leverage what’s working and understand what isn’t. Using systemic constellation mapping, we look at how your unique patterns serve you or your business now. If it’s doing you good, we embrace it. If it limits you, we reframe it so that it liberates you. Then we begin to establish a new pattern. Explore Personal & Professional Alignment Coaching, sign up for a workshop, or learn about certification.

I have never worked with anyone with such an in-depth capacity to recognize and interpret the different system dynamics that influences our organization. — Barbara Malmström, Managing Director & owner, Nova Spectra, Finland Read more praise.

Breaking Big

Ever feel like you’re supposed to be bigger, but something keeps holding you back? Being stuck is actually a gift. It means change is ready to happen. What feels limiting, is a box that’s too small for who we’re becoming. Breaking Big will show you the hidden purpose of what keeps you stuck, and push you into a life of limitless possibility. Start by asking yourself ‘how big am I willing to be?’ The rest, we’ll figure out together. What I do

When you learn how to hold the looking glass, everything swims into focus. Finally, you can see who you really are, not who you think you are. You are BIG. — Judy Wilkins-Smith