“Changing the world begins with agreeing that you can.” — JWS


Judy Wilkins-Smith is an inspiring keynote and motivational speaker. Her keynotes, breakouts and talks are motivating, relatable, and completely customizable. Explore your emotional and organizational DNA. Resolve long-standing issues. Learn why agreeing to be big is the humblest step you’ll ever take. Get in touch to schedule a speaking engagement.


Why STUCK is a truly great place to be

Once you recognize the real function of being stuck, you will never be intimidated or overwhelmed again. Learn how being stuck is the gateway to growth and success.

‘NO’ is a springboard, not a lid

How to use that ‘No’ as a pointer, not a death sentence, and understand why it is simply looking for a place to turn into yes.

Fill your own cup first

Visionary leaders understand it’s the smartest thing you will ever do. Until we learn to be full within ourselves, we are never truly in service of others. Why filling your own cup makes you a truly remarkable asset.

Why agreeing to be big is the humblest step you’ll ever take

The day you agree to become big is the first day you fully take responsibility for your life and all that you will and can become. When you learn to focus on what you want or who you want to be, rather than staying small, things begin to change and the world benefits.

Yesterday’s fool is tomorrow’s genius

Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Benjamin Franklin were all considered fools before they were called geniuses. Unlock your inner fool.

Leadership and your organizational and emotional inheritance

You don’t just inherit your physical DNA, you also inherit your organizational and emotional DNA. Who you are at home directly affects your leadership. In essence you can’t park your family at the door. Organizations also contain their own organizational DNA. Understand who or what you are inheriting in your organization/team/role/acquisition.

Dimensionally identifying, exploring and resolving issues

Learn how to identify, explore and resolve issues, test products, design companies or projects, create culture and set direction dimensionally. Explore issues and potential directions visually and kinesthetically in your business and professional career to generate insight, enthusiasm and buy-in. 

The goal is the anchor. The steps are the gifts.

Without a definite goal, you can’t even begin to create the path to get you there. Once you have, you begin to play the board game to get you to the other side. Along the way, the gifts you gather often change who you are and the size of your goal.

Forget the shovel. Look at the mansion.

Loving every single step you take on the way to your destination turns shoveling dirt into shaping your destiny. It takes an act of will. You don’t focus on digging the dirt, you look at what that dirt will become.

What are you really passing on to your children?

We all know that we inherit our physical DNA, but few of us realize that we also inherit the family nervous system or even the organizational nervous system. Fewer of us realize that this inheritance is tied to our failures and struggles our successes and triumphs. Significant events and our reactions to them create language, actions and mindsets that create emotional DNA. Once we understand that, the stage is set for shift and success.

Zoom out before you zoom in

We make life choices and decisions about ourselves based on limited knowledge at best. What looks like a disaster often takes on a different slant if we look at the situation multi-generationally, creating a more accurate content for the context of the issues we face. Take a look at the fascinating world of the hidden systems that run our lives and our country. Learn to zoom out and see the whole picture before you zoom in and make smart choices.


Whose words are you speaking?

Sometimes the words we speak, the actions we take, began in the mouths and actions of our ancestors. They run who we are and who we may become without our even realizing it. Finding out who you really are may indeed begin as a different story, generations ago.

Oh, the ties that bind us

Many of us struggle, feel stuck and frustrated by limitations or brick walls we don’t understand. Sometimes when we’ve tried everything, it pays to look back in our family history to see where that stumbling block may have been created and see why we carry it and how to change it.

How your low-hum runs your life

Ever stopped to listen to what you say? Most of us don’t. Think about that meeting with your boss, the family reunion, the conversation you are about to have with your significant other and listen to what you tell yourself. Our low-hum determines our success and failure in every area of our lives. Learn what sets it off and how to change it.

How conscious neural pathways make dreams come true

When we’re born, we come with ‘downloads’ that run who we are and how successful we may become. Once seen, these unconscious patterns can be dimensionally reframed into new neural pathways with opportunities for success.

Who am I eating?

We have two different foods, emotional and physical. When we confuse the two, eating disorders occur. Sometimes we are eating the food for nurturing in place of a parent, spouse, sibling or child who went missing. There are many such triggers. Discover your trigger and with it, your way out.

The hidden dynamics behind success and failure for women in business

Culturally, generationally, systemically, there are many hidden dynamics that limit women in business. Women are astounded by the unconscious loyalties they carry and surprised by their effects in business. Learn how to break the cycles of limitation and embrace success.

How you take your family to work. Like it or not.

The boss with whom we struggle, the colleague who argues with us, the jobs we don’t like to do. When we take a close look, we are often amazed to see how closely they mirror the challenges we have with our families. Sometimes resolving workplace challenges offer you an opportunity to heal what is happening at home, too.

How you backdoor success

We fall ill, say yes when we should say no, live small, suddenly stall when offered success. Mysteriously right at the point of a growth opportunity or at the point of success, something always happens. Learn about backdooring your success and how to stop it for good.

To whom does your money flow?

Money doesn’t just disappear, it goes somewhere. Many times the way we handle money and the way we speak about it tells us exactly to whom we have a hidden loyalty and an unconscious pattern. When you know where it flows and why, you may be surprised by your new-found ability to both attract it and keep it.