Systemic Coaching Certification

Systemic coaching certification


Interested in earning CCEs & CEUs to apply to your career?

If you are interested in earning CCEs and CEUs , Judy is an accredited CCE provider for the ICF (International Coach Federation)

She is also a CEU provider for the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

Each of her modules offers CCE’s and CEU’s: Emotional DNA, Relationship DNA, Leadership and Organizational DNA, and Money DNA. (Money DNA varies each year and is held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.) Attending all four modules of our systemic coaching certification program, grants certification as a systemic facilitator. 

Are you a coach, consultant, or organizational development specialist?

Sometimes clients hit brick walls. That can be because you’re only dealing with their professional system. It’s only half the story. Their family systems are their primary pattern makers. Without this information you may be flying blind. By  learning to access and align their professional and personal systems, insight and breakthrough performance can be easily achieved.

Are you an organization wanting to expand your culture and human potential? Or a Human Resources professional?

For professional development or when staff members hit a brick wall, systemic facilitation and coaching offers a deep, respectful and lasting way to shift from what is to what’s possible.y

Our foundational workshop, Emotional DNA, is a streamlined, 4-part workshop format designed to help you access a more complete picture of your clients and associates with a fuller understanding of the whole person. You’ll learn to quickly discern behavior patterns, see opportunities and establish direction so you can help them move to their next level with steps that are believable and achievable. This training enables you to guide your clients and associates to and through life-shifting breakthroughs and lasting change like no other in your field.

Are you looking to level up? Participants interested in taking all four workshops can become a Certified Facilitator and receive their systemic coaching certification.

Facilitator Certification

In your own work as a facilitator, taking all four workshops can show you how to identify, break, and resolve patterns that don’t serve and consciously create patterns for success. Workshops and trainings will teach you the principles that govern all living systems. You’ll learn to examine systemic sentences and their effects on success or failure, and learn to facilitate through dimensional mapping, accessing multi-generations in organizations, roles and individuals.

When you work in the field of human potential, transforming leaders into visionary rock stars feels extraordinary. Because when most people feel stuck, they think they’re a limited edition, incapable of becoming big. It’s our job to show clients the mindful path to unlimited self-worth. And whenever you help someone identify a behavior pattern that lives in their family system–good or bad–it’s transformative. You can literally see profound shift take root as they realize how this multigenerational pattern has affected their own life and use it in order to ignite a new pattern. To watch the visceral, human reaction as your client becomes unstuck, is pure magic.

Working with a whole system in mind creates healthy workplaces and individuals. You’ll learn to identify the issue, see the patterns and experientially test solutions in one sitting.

Train the Trainer

Interested in integrating this work into your practice? Then Train the Trainer workshops are for you!

Who is a good fit for Train the Trainer workshops?

Professionals from all walks of life are welcome! Participants attending the Train the Trainer are required to have completed at least one past workshop.

Ideally, trainers want to become part of a growing body of professional systemic work and constellations facilitators and practitioners. We are in process of creating larger events in the coming year and top facilitators certified in this work will be needed.

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International Coach Federation (ICF), University of Texas at Austin Texas Department of State Health Services. 1- Year Coaching Certification


Workshops may be taken in any order, but you must complete the full series (Emotional DNA, Organizational DNA, Relationship DNA & Leadership DNA) to earn 80 CCE credits through the International Coach Federations (ICF) (20 per module)

International Accreditation

Institute for the Integration of System Dynamics in conjunction with The Hellinger Institute of The Netherlands

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