Systemic Coaching Training
Train the Trainer

The Program

The curriculum is designed to prepare instructors to teach constellations beginning with the Emotional DNA material and adding other courses over time.  The intent is to have instructors who are solidly competent and feel confident in teaching the Emotional DNA material and leading workshops.

The program consists of two 5-day training plus ongoing development.

Instructors who have passed the material will be authorized to teach their own classes which will add to their offerings as professionals. 

In addition, they will be part of a community of instructors that learn and grow together.

Qualified instructors will be selected from this group to assist at large group events offer by Judy.

The 5-day initial training combines uniquely designed adult learning content for training experientially and a deep dive into the core processes of teaching constellations. 

The path of further development will be outlined in detail as will the competencies that must be passed to successfully complete the course of instructorship.

Who is a good fit for my Systemic Coaching Training – Train the Trainer workshops?

Professionals from all walks of life are welcome! I require participants attending the Train The Trainer to have completed at least one of my past workshops and is looking to integrate this work into their practice.

Ideally, they want to become part of a growing body of professional systemic work and constellations facilitators and practitioners. We are in process of creating larger events next year and top facilitators certified in this work will be needed.

This systemic work is increasingly being requested by top companies as a solution-focused approach to complex problem solving in a way that is efficient, professional, clean, objective and non-judgmental, allowing for insights, direction, design diagnosis and testing in 3 D.

Incorporating multiple sense into the process enables deeper more thoughtful decision making and leaders on levels need this to be truly successful and influential. For those involved in the corporate world, this approach provides a differentiator that is well respected and sought after. For individuals looking to transform their lives, you are at the right place!