What is Systemic Coaching?

We live and work—for the most part, unconsciously—within multiple relationship systems. Our family, our culture, our country, career, school, religion, organizations we join, all are systems with their own unique rules, history, expectations, needs, loyalties and different experiences of belonging. When personal issues come up and we experience uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety, money problems, difficulty relating, illnesses, depression, whatever, these are powerful indicators there is an imbalance or exclusion in a system (or systems) we are part of that wants to resolve through us.

executive systemic coaching

Limiting issues are often a powerful and helpful sign that something new is needed in our lives. It’s life calling us to a new adventure. A new way to be! But sometimes what seems to be the obvious issue behind a symptom (or symptoms) isn’t the actual issue at all.

With Systemic Coaching, you identify what keeps you stuck in a discovery process that takes you deeper and deeper into your psyche—much like peeling an onion—until you are clearly able to see, feel, hear, touch, embody and complete a limiting pattern and/or mindset so that you are open and available to create a new pattern—and a new you, and a new life—in the process.

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