Back to School for Everyone

Now that the kids are headed back to school, it is time to consider how you might like to further your own education. Books are one avenue, and there is a really good book out there called “Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint.”  This book is different. It is a twofer. Instead of just reading and thinking, it invites you to experientially explore the rich world of your own Emotional DNA.

You will learn how your family system and your body collaborate to find out what limiting patterns need to be set down and what new patterns are trying very hard to find their ways into your life.  Hint:  What makes you happy tells you that you are on the right track to a fulfilling life.

This book takes you through a series of exercises designed to explore areas of stuck-ness and teaches you how to pivot to greatness.  Most of us were taught that to daydream was a waste of time, but what if it isn’t?  When we dream, we access elevated emotions. We feel good, we are excited, and they pull us past our limitations. This is the beginning of a journey into the center of you that can take you as far as you can imagine.  

Those daydreams may be important after all.  In fact, they contain the seeds of the chapter that only you can write – the adventure that is waiting for only you. Journey with us to explore the language of the soul, the wisdom of the ancients and the future that belongs to only you.

Interested in learning how to unfold a remarkable life?  You may find the answer in this book, which can be found on our website ( or at Amazon (add link), or other fine book sellers.