Capability DNA

In my book, Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint, I talk about how you inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I call this your Emotional DNA.  Sometimes your Emotional DNA —those unseen patterns from the past—keeps you stuck. Sometimes you create your own Emotional DNA. When you do, sometimes the patterns you create are limiting. Sometimes they are liberating. It really helps us grow when we can recognize all of the above patterns when they show up in our lives.  

For example, during the pandemic most of us had no option but to learn new skills and adapt in ways we never imagined. And yet we probably didn’t recognize that we were developing new capabilities.  We simply plodded on, failing to recognize that in many ways we were creating new Emotional DNA. We also failed to recognize when we were simply repeating the Emotional DNA of our ancestors.

During the 2020 lockdowns, how many of you found yourselves in fear and feeling lost and overwhelmed? This reaction is a significant repetition of how your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents undoubtedly felt during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1912, the Great Depression and World War II.  Upon reflection, what habits did you adopt to survive that were similar to your ancestors?  Hypervigilance? Healthy and unhealthy methods of self-distraction? Hoarding (toilet paper when you could find it!). Anxiety about food supply or an inability to pay the bills.  Do any of these patterns sound familiar?

Did you perhaps surprise yourself by rising to the occasion?  Did you learn new technology skills?  Did you discover the self-starter in you?  An ability to healthily entertain yourself? To home school your children? Did you develop a side hustle to bring in more cash or start a new career entirely? What else did you do and learn? Often during a crisis, we unwittingly develop new Capability DNA. And if you did so during the Covid crisis, then pat yourself on the back. Honor your accomplishment.

One of the old Emotional DNA patterns we all have inherited from our ancestors and society is a kind of false humbleness where we fail to recognize and acknowledge our hard-won breakthroughs.  We are often told to be humble, and we think this means we have to hide our gifts, talents, and yes, our capability. I urge you: Please don’t do that!

Recognize that this false humbleness is just an old DNA pattern. Create a new emotional pattern to replace it—a pattern of self-recognition and well-deserved pride in your growing resilience and capacity to handle any situation as it arises. Once you can identify and acknowledge your capability DNA, the winner in you begins to emerge consciously. 

The simple act of one new thought, one new feeling, one new action begins to rewire your inner sense of capability.  At that very moment you are co-creating the future instead of repeating the past.  All thanks to a pandemic and a need to adapt.

Right now is a very special time for humanity.  We have been awakened to different possibilities and you have an amazing opportunity to consciously go in search of and rewire your own Capability DNA.

Join us on a journey to the center of you. At our Disney World event at The Beach and Yacht Club, participants will delve into the Capability DNA of their ancestors and in turn unleash their own unique Capability DNA.