Organizational Development

Organizational & Leadership Team Development

Learn How to Move Your Organization
to the Next Level

The history that lives inside your organization and within the executive team contains clues to your future. Taking a look at these patterns dimensionally, we get a clear picture of what’s at play. What’s working? What’s worth nurturing? What needs to be laid to rest? Will you unconsciously repeat limiting cycles or use them consciously to mold a dynamic future?

From here, we identify and explore elements relevant to your goals, and work with you to customize your unique solutions to create a sustainable shift. We form the new floor to create the new ceiling.

Visionary leaders don’t have all the answers – they are simply willing to find them.


When to Bring Judy In:

  • When you are ready to be bigger, break liminting cycles and to make a difference–in your organization and in the world
  • Lack of direction
  • Working toward a specific company mandate
  • Rebranding initiatives
  • New product introduction
  • Introducing a new executive team member
  • Team development off-site
  • Taking your organization to the next level
  • Need for corporate culture shift
  • Seemingly stuck, not achieving the level of success you and your team are capable of attaining
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Organizational Dynamics Approach

This systemic coaching approach gives a snapshot of the organization or workplace as it is now, without any bias or judgment. Then we dive deep to see what lives there, looking at the history, the obstacles and brick walls. We clarify what lives in your system. Why are you stuck? What purpose does that stuck-ness serve? And how do you use it to reach your goals? Starting with what is, you can move toward what’s possible.



Gain insights into what has you stuck and create the ability to identify and shift the hidden sentences, thoughts and feelings that run your life.


Take those insights and see them for what they truly are – an invitation to see your life in a whole new way that begins new pattern of success.


Step into multi-dimensional experiecnes that begin the rewiring of your brain to discover the magic of you and transform your life.