Constellations Meditations – Connecting to the Past and Creating the Future

Whether you are close to your mother and father or not, they nonetheless stand at the core of who you are. Through the two of them come the ancestral patterns that operate in your life, creating either a sense of possibility or limitation.

There is always something you can do to make your life better and build upon your family system’s inheritance. You can literally build the life you want. The Constellations Meditations of the Mother and Father offer you the opportunity to begin moving your life in the positive direction that you want to go. 

Through these two meditations, you can connect to your parents, their ancestral lines, and the patterns contained within them. Both meditations can be done individually or in groups of any size. Although the group energy can amplify the experience, everyone will have their own unique journey. After all, each one of us is unique and so are our systems. 

As you know, patterns in our systems—especially our family system—are the key to the way our brain is wired. Patterns of exclusion, patterns of acceptance, being seen or unseen by a parent, all these different, dynamically-wired patterns influence how our lives are lived and experienced. And thanks to neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain’s neurological networks to change, grow, unhook and re-form—we can change that wiring any time we want, thereby changing our present reality as well as our future. 

Both Constellations Meditations are designed to facilitate the perceptual shifts you need to begin creating those new neural pathways. The hour-long meditations take you on a constellations journey deep into the center of you and all that is connected to you. You will encounter the essence of those who came before you, the patterns those ancestors created and that you have inherited. You will have the opportunity to acknowledge patterns that have outlived their purpose, thank them for the ways they supported the system in the past, and then let them go—allowing them to become a source of wisdom that you can use to shape your future. You will also be able to see the strengths within the system and accept them as resources and, most importantly, you will begin to see the emergence of new patterns through you. 

The beauty of these Constellations Meditations is that they can be used over and over again to help you address any number of issues you may currently have or that might arise in the future.

Constellations events attendees who have experienced these meditations report experiencing insights and making connections they had never made before.

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  • Sometimes you must go inward before you can look outwards.
  • Sometimes you must look backwards before you can move forward.
  • Connecting to the ancient wisdom of your ancestors facilitates tremendous change.
  • Constellations Meditations show you how to tap ancestral wisdom and then soar.
  • The family system—no matter how apparently dysfunctional—is always in service of you. It always was and it always will be. You just need to learn to see the patterns correctly.

Every member of your family has a gift for you—if you know