Demystifying Systemic Work and Constellations

For a lot of people, systemic work and constellations seem magical, out there and woo-woo.  It isn’t.  For those who have never experienced this work, a brief description is in order.  Systemic work is a framework of orders and principals that govern all living systems.   The constellations process uses this systemic framework to guide an interactive exploration of the language, thoughts, feelings, and actions that are unique to each client’s system.  It illuminates their system in 3-D, enabling them to navigate issues in a space where they can literally see, feel, touch, and test both the limitations and possibilities of their given situation. 

Systemic facilitators know how to apply this framework to a stated issue and dimensionalize it using either animate or inanimate representatives for each relevant part of said issue equipping the client to interactively explore the issue to understand where and how they are stuck and where and how the possibility for change lies.  While it appears facilitators have some deep inside knowledge of an invisible field that most of us can’t access, increasing numbers of coaches, therapists, HR professionals, and leaders are discovering that, with training, anyone can see and understand how to work with this field. 

This work is in fact rooted in well studied epigenetics and neuroscience showing us that we inherit patterns and that our brain is perfectly capable of changing those patterns for the better.  You CAN reframe and rewire thoughts, feelings and actions resulting from limiting generational patterns that have been passed down to you.

When you engage multiple senses, more and different insights are possible.  What seems like a disaster in one generation seeks to become a differentiator and a strength in another.  For example, people who have struggled with financial disasters and consistently have a negative thoughts, feelings and actions around money can create a family system where money is a struggle.  All it takes is one family member to see that pattern and decide to think, feel and act differently around money for the pattern in the system to change.

In systemic work, these thoughts, feelings, and actions play a crucial role in identifying and changing limiting patterns.  A good systemic facilitator knows how to spot the patterns in a family or organization and identify obstacles and limitations, as well as new patterns that are trying to emerge.  Often an obstacle in a system is simply a pattern that has outlived its usefulness.  It is also a strong clue to what wants to change.  When you can look at what you would rather have, that is a strong clue as to what is trying to emerge. 

Combining the systemic framework with a constellation, results in embodied practical transformation.  The client is able to see the pattern, understand its effects, and respond to their own desire for something better.  And when they can see and sense that their progress benefits all, and understand that continuing a limiting pattern helps no one, the switch is easier to make.  It is logical and practical yet reaches deeply into the heart and spirit of the client.  They can begin to see how capable they are of creating a life they enjoy.  This indeed seems magical for many. 

Many are hesitant to do inner work because it seems silly and weird.  Systemic work and constellations is a step-by-step experiential approach to transformation that is logical yet touches participants deeply.  Science and inner work are closely linked, we just haven’t been shown that connection – until now.   Systemic work and constellations bridges the divide between the two and shows how they’ve always belonged together.