Relationship DNA

April 26-28, 2024 | Plano, TX

The Program

The modern science of epigenetics has proven we are deeply affected by the traumas, joys,
choices, actions and personalities of our ancestors. As a result, we often live our lives
unconsciously aligned and entangled with how our predecessors lived theirs. This unconscious
inheritance of thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and inactions is what I call “emotional

This emotional inheritance includes our ancestors’ methods of relating with
others—methods which, by today’s standards, are often ineffective, inauthentic, and restricted.

When we inherit problematic issues around intimacy, authentic relating, and mutual trust, it deeply impacts our ability to build quality personal, business, and friendly relationships. Family dynamics suffer. Success-building is limited, and our resulting happiness quotient (our HQ!) is sharply diminished.

Discover the inherited relational DNA patterns that have invisibly influenced your life both
positively and negatively. Learn to find the gift in ancestral influences, neurologically rewire
limiting perceptions and create a whole new capacity for building and maintaining quality
relationships for yourself and your own descendants.

In this event you will have AHA! moments that change your relationships forever.

You will also learn how to:

    • Identify and transform your ongoing relationship obstacles.
    • Recognize the root ancestral causes of your relationship issues.
    • Dimensionalize relationship issues — bringing them into a 3D experience so you can
      literally see, hear, and feel the old ancestral patterns and then transform those patterns in
      real time.
    • Dismantle conflict aversion
    • See your unique value as YOU
    • Express yourself in ways that can be heard
    • Teach your brain and body how to rewire limiting thoughts, feelings, and actions around
    • Literally make the invisible visible and the unconscious conscious.
    • Identify the magic you bring to relationships
    • Understand at a deep level that you are never stuck.
    • Identify and embrace opportunities.


    • You will no longer be invisible to others—you will show up.
    • You will feel seen, heard and felt by others in a powerful way
    • You will develop a greater appetite for living
    • You will experience more rewarding personal and business relationships
    • Experience more high-level emotions, such as gratitude, joy, and passion
    • Develop greater confidence in yourself and others
    • Increase your sense of possibility and commitment to a bigger life

LOCATION: The Cambria Hotel Richardson-Dallas 3605 Shire Blvd, Plano, TX 75082

Full PRICE: $825

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Only $650 if you register by March 15th. That’s $175 Savings!

Non refundable unless event is cancelled. Value can be applied to another event.