Gearing Up for Capability & Resilience DNA at Disney World

Many people ask me, “Why do you hold major events at Disney World? Does the place really lend itself to deep inner work? Isn’t it just a commercial playground made for kids?” 

My answer is always the same: Disney World is only commercial for those who see it through a superficial lens. When you are working in the heart of magic your own sense of possibility is activated. When you consider the level of imagination and accomplishment the place exudes; the attention paid to detail; the focus on relationships, fun, and finding and celebrating the hero in everyone; when you get involved in the celebration of adventure, you understand very quickly that Disney World is not just for kids. It’s a gateway for imagination, creativity and a whole new life for yourself.

Of course, the place appeals to kids because they still have open hearts and minds—a state in which creating the incredible is inevitable. Which is what most of us adults are looking for!

Creating and manifesting begins with elevated emotions, commitment, and a belief in something bigger than our current reality. So, what better place could you possibly go to ignite such an important transformational journey? How much more motivating could a place be? And for those of you who are scientifically minded, what better environment could there be for rewiring your brain and changing limiting cycles?

The energies surrounding every event are those of awe, wonder, invitation and possibility. Coming into our event space in that state of mind enables people to put down resistance and more willingly embrace an exploration and expansion of their current reality. 

If you are ready to move your life to the next level, this year’s event has never been more important. Building Capability and Resilience DNA lays the foundation for creativity and all levels of transformation. Staying a few days and exploring your inner world in such rich surroundings can take you far beyond your limitations into a world of fulfillment, happiness and purpose. There, you will find that you are, indeed, the captain of your own ship and the creator of your own destiny.

Playful fun is a much-neglected doorway to change. I look forward to working with you during the day and then setting your heart and imagination free in the parks at night. Once you realize that Disney World is designed to be a portal of possibility, you will never see it the same way again.  

Join us on an adventure at The Beach and Yacht Club in November to identify, build, and wire-in your own unique Capability & Resilience DNA (a very special part of your Emotional DNA) for yourself and successive generations!