Gifts From Our Fathers

Times are changing, but the essence of the male energy remains crucial to the creation and sustenance of life. If mothers are traditionally considered to be the source of life and flow, fathers are often regarded as the hunters and providers—the ones who introduce us to the ways of the outside world and show us how to engage in it. 

Some of us have great relationships with our fathers. Some of us don’t. For some, father doesn’t even exist. However, no matter what the personal situation and what we think about it, our connection to our father remains intact. Dad was there at the one moment that counted—the conception of you. He’s also responsible for half of who you are genetically—both your physical DNA and your Emotional DNA.

Just like your mother’s ancestral line, the line of your father contains many clues and patterns to who you are and who you may become. If you choose to consciously connect to the line of your father—whether you know him or not—you can choose what to accept and express and what to set down. You can set down his inability to be present emotionally and accept his capacity for humor and his artistic nature. He may have struggled with responsibility or even left your family, and yet you can choose to have healthy lasting relationships while appreciating the uncanny ability to make money that may be a gift from him that you want to keep. 

Why is it so important to be aware of the connection to your father? When you can accept him exactly the way he is or isn’t, present or absent, this allows you to be connected to his line and all that lives within it. You can then accept the gifts that this line has for you and evolve or change those traits. In you lies the ability to change “what is” into “what’s possible.” 

Either way, like it or not, who you are is partially thanks to your father. Remember that the patterns you inherited from him that bother you are doing so for a reason. They are asking you to give them a different shape or to set them down altogether with thanks and start an entirely new pattern. Simply put, your father and his line have many gifts for you. Some may be apparent while others may take a little unraveling.

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    • Once upon a time your father, too, was a child in the system. Perhaps he, too, struggled. Like you, it took courage for your father to even be here
    • When we can love our fathers exactly the way they are or aren’t, we can unconditionally love ourselves as well.
    • Your father was there for you in the one moment that counted—the creation of you.
    • See the many gifts from your father and they will grow you in ways you never expected.
    • Gratitude for the father in our lives—present or absent—brings more joy to the world and to our hearts.