How to Level-Up Your Life in 2023

Welcome to the start of another year! Are you filled with resolutions to do better? Feel better? Make more money? Find the love of your life? Great! However, realize it’s next to impossible for these things to happen if you continue to think, feel, choose and do the same things you’ve been thinking, feeling, choosing and doing in the past!

It’s January and time to rewire your brain and level-up. So, how do you do that? Well, it’s human nature to change only when we truly want something or desire a particular effect, and guess what? You’ve taken the first step! You want something! You desire something! Maybe you want to lose weight or get fit. Whatever it is, as long as the want is strong enough, movement in that direction is irresistible. 

Unfortunately, most of us are wired to see change in terms of work and effort. (Maybe you learned that from your parents or somebody else in your family line?) But what if you were to look at it differently?  What if you tied change to a reward or a win that really stirred something inside of you? Now we have the makings of an adventure, a desire/dream that has the power to pull us past old limiting patterns forever.

Let’s take finances. Far too many people feel that money is a precarious commodity. There’s never enough. It doesn’t grow on trees. It can’t buy love. Etc. Remember, our thoughts, feelings, and actions around money (and pretty much everything else!) often originate in our family system. We continue the thoughts and speak the pat family sayings and make the same choices as if they were our own. Sound familiar?

Thankfully, a limiting family financial pattern doesn’t have to continue with you. Here’s a great example.

One of the regular attendees at my annual Disney event struggled every year to afford the trip.  She always bunked with someone else to lower the cost of accommodations and stressed about everything else. Last year I worked with her specifically on her money issues before the event.  Unsurprisingly, there was a profound fear in her family system around making ends meet. She learned early in life not to spend money at all just in case

The change came when she expressed a desire to have a different experience at the next Disney event. I asked her what one new thought around this desire this would be and she came up with two. “Hey, maybe I could have my own room,” she said, all excited. “And have enough money to enjoy the full Disney experience in the park without constantly worrying about it.”

I asked her to come up with one new feeling around this choice. Excitement was her feeling. Then I asked her what one new action she could take to bring her dream to fruition. “Well,” she said, “I suppose I could bring in a little extra money each month.” I asked her to make a list of ways she could make that happen, which she did with alacrity. Experiencing her new thought and new feeling, this didn’t feel like a chore. It was exhilarating. It wasn’t long before she’d found a part-time side job that brought her exactly the money she needed. That wasn’t really work either. She was too busy feeling excited, counting down the days and adding up the money. A sense of accomplishment grew as she leveled-up.

The cherry on top came when she saw her room. She was the only one at the event with not one, but two balconies and an amazing view. Double reward! This one desire and its outcome put her relationship with money on a whole new track. Suddenly she didn’t fear money. It had become an accessible ally. 

The idea of changing patterns and achieving goals doesn’t always feel easy. However, when you tie them to something concrete and exciting—something you truly desire with all your heart, something fun and inspiring, something deeply, personally satisfying—the journey becomes an adventure. And the rewards are amazing. The long-term effect of rewiring your brain builds the winner effect. It brings happiness, direction, purpose and self-confidence. It shows you who you are capable of being if you invest beyond the shadows of your programs and doubts.

Now, it’s your turn.  What do you desire? What dreams to you want to make your reality this new year? Here are a few tips to help you along.


  • Write down one thing that you would like to accomplish this year. (It must build enough excitement to pull you beyond your resistance.)
  • Remember resistance to change and effort is often tied to old family patterns. (When did you first start feeling this? Who in your family system resists change? Identifying the pattern source helps.) On the other hand, excitement is tied to the new chapter.
  • Make sure your dream/desire is something your brain and body can believe and feel. (When the heart, head, and gut are in alignment, a state of cohesion is achieved and the new desire can become your new truth. So, the desire your brain tells your body is really important.)
  • Leveling-up is not a one-time thing. Let it become a well-cultivated habit. 

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