Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas/Hanukkah/the Festive Season

No matter what your persuasion or affiliation, this is the time of year when we expect to see miracles. Even if we’ve experienced tragedy, our hearts are a little more open to possibility. Special foods fill the shops, we stand in lines for gifts and it’s a time to celebrate.

There’s something really important about the festive season. It’s the one time of the year in many parts of the world where we are officially supposed to celebrate and do something a little special and be happy.

This is an example of a meta system – a large force or group.  And this meta system is aligned with our dreams and desires!

Simply put the festive season actually embraces a slew of profoundly systemic meta patterns that are totally geared towards your greatest happiness!

This is very important. You have permission, even encouragement, from the system to be kind, happy and grateful. To live in an elevated state for a while. What’s even more important is that it’s a time when life changes can happen because none of the normal limiting thoughts, feelings and actions are present in your life. Everything is in a state of elevated and aligned coherence. The system is entirely in your favor. 

If you are sad confused or lost then this is a time for a Christmas miracle. If you are happy, ambitious and inspired then this is the time to cultivate goodwill, deepen relationships, explore and resolve any glitches and capitalize on the encouragement in the system. This is rocket fuel for the soul!

So this festive season be sure to tap into and maximize the systemic goodwill around you and use it to shape a wonderful life for the coming year. It is a great time for miracles and change and with an open heart and willingness to grow – your next amazing step is waiting for you!