Join Us for Transformation in the Heart of Magic

It can be a little difficult sometimes to find the ignition point for transformation, especially when you’re caught in the day-to-day grind and staying in your normal environment. It’s hard to imagine something amazing and brand new for yourself when everything around you is the same ho-hum thing. But catapult yourself into the heart of magic? Surround yourself with color and fun? Surround yourself with a sense of “wow” and possibility? Transformation suddenly becomes inevitable.

When you’re staying in a place specifically designed to inspire and facilitate shift, the best of who you are cannot help but emerge. With so much energy and enthusiasm around you, the impossible suddenly becomes totally possible.

I’ve long understood that Disney World is specifically geared to put adults back in touch with childhood when they lived with an unguarded heart, an open mind and a sense of excitement about life. What many people don’t realize is that it’s also designed to resonate with the “biggest” version of you. It’s no accident that the appeal is to the heart of both children and adults when magic is welcomed.

The wow factor is unmistakable, the light-heartedness is contagious, the permission to “be” is welcomed.  And this ignites the fire in you, even as it invites you to drop your guard and experience the possibility of transformation through joy. 

During our day sessions, we will go deep and uncover the capability and resilience that belongs to only you—the capability and resilience that form the firm foundation of creativity and that hold the door open for transformation to happen.

In the evenings, you are invited to be a kid at heart and notice what happens when you say “Yes” to the remarkable and fully invest yourself in creating the life you want to lead … just like Walt Disney himself did.

The original mastermind creator of the park was well aware that transformation is entirely possible when openness and enjoyment are the primary energies. He knew these energies were direct conduits to a heightened belief in self, and that coming from a secure sense of self was the foundation of all creation. He built entire kingdoms around that understanding and shared the energy of joy with the whole world. He spread excitement and imagination around like pixie dust!

So, come and discover your joy and new possibilities this November. Come and discover your amazing Capability and Resilience DNA. Come and learn to be the master magician of your own life adventure and discover what happens when you put down resistance and explore possibility instead. By the end of this event, you will have wired-in at least one new thought, one new feeling and one new action.  And when that happens, your life will no longer be the same!

Come, join us at our Disney World event at The Beach and Yacht Club this November in Orlando, and watch the magic unfold.