Moving Beyond “Stuck”

From a systemic point of view, “stuck” is a good place to be.  It is an indicator of something that wants to change or become something more, through you.  “Stuck” is what we often refer to when we are unconsciously loyal to an old pattern that may be multigenerational.  And, often, it is oh so easy to keep repeating because it is in our system.  It is part of what we call your Emotional DNA – your patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions.  These are often inherited from a prior generation.

The good news is once you see them and identify them, the exciting piece begins.  Now you are looking for the new pattern that is trying to emerge through you.  Old patterns are often identifiable in your frustrations or apparent limitations.  Whereas new patterns often sit in your desires, wishes and dreams.  The trick is to build enough desire for the new want to achieve it.  It has got to be so exciting that you cannot wait to attain it, because that will pull you beyond all your excuses and reasons for not moving.

Let’s talk about the ways you keep yourself stuck: 

  • It’s too much work
  • It’s too hard
  • That is just the way I am
  • That’s how it is in my family
  • I don’t want to be greedy

All fine reasons to keep yourself stuck.  But make your “want” strong enough and watch yourself move:

  • I really need that vacation
  • I want that new home
  • I want to feel safe, secure, and loved
  • I want to understand what it is like to achieve a dream

It all sounds simple, and it is.  Here is a quick exercise that will help you get from one to the other:

  • Write down something that is keeping you stuck
  • Now, write down what you tell yourself about that
  • Notice how you feel about that
  • Write down the actions or inactions that keep you stuck
  • Write down who (mom, dad, my past) may be keeping you stuck
  • Now, ask yourself what you really, really want
  • Test if that “want” is strong enough to move you beyond being “stuck”
  • What one new thought will keep you moving in the direction of your desire
  • Write one new feeling will keep you motivated to keep moving
  • Write one new action will let you know that you are on your way? (Hint: It doesn’t have to be earth shattering.  Sometimes, walking around the block is plenty.)

What you are doing when you undertake this seemingly simple journey is you are changing your possibilities, your future, and your life.  Not to mention, rewiring your Emotional DNA.  You are also activating your “figure it out” gene, which in turn creates the habit of manifesting what you want. 

Challenge yourself to do one thing over the next 10 days that will take you beyond what you think your limitations are and watch how “stuck” disappears!