2021 Organizational & Leadership DNA ONLINE

December 3rd-5th, 2021 | WORKSHOP

This 3-day workshop explores the foundations of systemic work in business, aligning Emotional DNA with Organizational DNA.

Places where we are stuck or want to grow are often derailed by hidden patterns, as individuals and organizations. These hidden patterns arise from major events, important decisions, or significant events. When we start to look at these places where stuck-happens as sites of great possibility, every problem becomes a solution.

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It begins with your family system and what you tell yourselves about that and make it mean for you as a leader. Knowing what lives in your life and your system can change everything. At this workshop you will discover the traits of your leadership style both positive and negative and how to reframe one and enhance the other.

Learning how to see your leadership and organization through a systemic lens will teach you how to:

  • Move from driving to inspirational
  • Consciously design FROM -TO strategies for your teams and leaders
  • Coach your leaders and teams using a multi-level approach
  • Design projects that flow smoothly
  • Identify and resolve issues by dimensionalizing them and using multiple senses and systemic insights to shift them

Every great leader focuses on their inner work so that they can positively affect their outer world. Understanding who you are and how to explore organizational issues is a valuable part of any leader’s arsenal.

This workshop will show you how to confidently move into the new year with practical ways to be able to explore issues within your teams and organizations. Using an innovative and easily applicable way to problem solve and explore issues you will learn to identify your own leadership style and surface and resolve hidden patterns and unconscious loyalties.

Using systemic questioning and insights, you can learn to resolve even the most complex issues. This approach will show you how to bring balance, success and harmony to your teams and organization. You will learn to identify and reframe leadership obstacles into the strengths they were meant to be and start eliminating hidden obstacles to your success.  


Workshop Price:  $875.00  | workshop

details:  FRIDAY AND SATURDAY- 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM   AND  SUNDAY -8:45 AM – 5:30 PM



• Learn about hidden patterns that truly run your organization

• Gain insights into organizational obstacles and limiations, how they are formed and how to change them into opportunities

• Learn how to identify issues and the levels at which they occur and solve them at a higher level of awareness


• Learn how to separate roles from people, creating the ability to engage for the higher good to the role and the organization

• Learn to drive high engagement by using three simple principles in systems and seeking to understand, not challenge

• Understand the effects of decisions you have made about events and how they shape your life.


• Teaching your team to explore organizational roles, challenges and key business issues by leveraging the three principles inherent in all systems.

• Learn a new, dynamic approach to innovate, design and create flow for your team and organization

• Identify hidden leaders, at risk postions and emerging opportunities