Quantum Leap Your Career by Developing Engaged Relationships

For many of us, more than anything else, our career is about creating and maintaining a source of revenue and security. Over the years, we end up operating in a hierarchical relationship structure where “the boss  knows best,” and we just keep our heads down and do what is expected of us. 

In this scenario, work relationships are largely transactional. I do X amount of work and the company gives me X amount of pay in exchange. I ask my boss(es) for what I need to accomplish my tasks and give them back my completed work. This is a simple and highly functional kind of work relationship that most of us are familiar with. It is also the kind of work relationship that has no real prospects or growth potential to it

However, there is a whole other kind of business relationship that transcends a transactional relationship—a kind of relationship that can propel you forward in your career a kind of relationship that depends upon building your business relationship DNA.

Upwardly mobile employees and visionary leaders engage with other team members. They clearly want to do and become more, and they inspire and ignite that same desire in others. They don’t simply do what they’re told, they come up with ideas to improve goods and services. They are invested in their work, their company and their combined futures. In their desire to do and be more, they unlock discretionary energy, aka passion and enthusiasm, which spills over onto other team members. They invest in knowing their associates, building real relationships, engaging them in ways that are mutually beneficial.

They become stakeholders. As a result, others want to be around them. Inspired team members can’t wait to get to work. They know they’re part of something bigger than themselves and understand they’re contributing to something greater. 

This kind of engaged, motivating, relationship building is available to you as well. But first you have to move beyond thinking of your work as a J.O.B. You have to move beyond thinking of your co-workers and bosses as chess pieces to be navigated and manipulated in transactional ways. You must invest in understanding who they are, what’s important to them, what motivates them, and what their dreams are. In turn, you share who you are and what is important to you.

When you build these kinds of authentic, engaged relationships, everything changes. A more expansive energy field of mutual support and shared accomplishment builds. You naturally move ahead.

The old business saying, “Your network is your net worth,” is highly accurate. If you deliver a high caliber of work while building great quality relationships, you will find yourself coming out way ahead of the pack. Remember, people buy people, not products.