Spring Forward

 One of the biggest systems we’re all connected to is Nature. When March arrives and spring is just around the corner, I notice as nature awakens, something stirs in me too. I start to feel a tweak of creativity. Which means spring is a great time for me to explore any new adventure that’s calling. 

The same is true for you!

Are you feeling an itch for change? Feeling restless in your career? Hungering for a new relationship? Thinking about a makeover? Whatever has you stirred up, now is a wonderful time to expand your potential in relationships, career, finances, leadership, and health. And if you’re feeling a little guilty about your new desires and hunger for new horizons, remember: Life is about growth. It’s about acknowledging what is right now so that you can move to what’s possible.

We’ve spoken about acknowledging what is with a full heart and giving it its place—how it’s a vital part of identifying and putting unconscious habits and loyalties to rest. Acknowledging what is, without judgment, frees us to create a brand-new pattern and opens the doors for elevated emotions like joy, enthusiasm and excitement. And then those elevated emotions pull us past all our normal excuses for staying stuck, happily booting us in a new direction.

For example, Harry was a CEO who earned a 7-figure salary. But while his salary was great, most CEOs with his qualifications were making 8 figures. He found himself becoming increasingly restless in the face of those other CEOs’ compensation packages and yet felt unable to explore other better-compensated positions. Why? “I don’t want to be greedy,” he said. “I feel like I’m limiting myself and know I could be doing so much more. But there’s this feeling that if I try for another position that I’ll lose out somehow.”

When we explored his family system, we discovered that both his grandfather and father had been given opportunities to elevate their economic status at various times, and both had rejected the offers saying they had enough and didn’t want to be greedy at the cost of family time.

Ah ha! Harry was caught in an unconscious loyalty to the men in his system, thinking he could have more money or family time, but not both. Rightfully so, this old pattern didn’t sit well with him.

Equipped with this insight, Harry explored opportunities in the business world. To his surprise and delight, several opportunities offered both the 8 figures and the flexibility to have more family time. By being willing to look past old loyalties, he was able to shift from the old pattern that had served prior generations into a new pattern of possibility. 

As spring blossoms with new potentials and a new season approaches, what old habits are you willing to look at? What new horizons call you? Are you willing to expand and spring forward? 

 Tips to help bring in the new:

 1) The beautiful thing about spring is that it opens the heart to new possibilities. So, open your heart!

2) Remember: Only you declare and set your limitations.

3) Remember: Life is not an “either or” journey. Life is big! It’s all about “both and!”

4) Take a deep breath. Look at the world blossoming around you. Soak in that vision and know that you can have more. 

5) Create one new thought, one new feeling and one new action. What will they be? The sky is the limit! 

Take your next step! Find and blossom into your potential! To find out more, please visit us at judywilkins-smith.com.