Epigenetically speaking, the impact of decisions made about events or the events themselves can create an emotional imprint on a family system that lasts beyond the original member impacted. For example, studies show that how people handled the Great Depression echoes in the ways that their children and grandchildren handle adversity. Some descendants tend to overstock their shelves, mimicking the scarcity of resources experienced by their ancestors. Others seek out financial advice to ensure financial security.

Two things are important about Emotional DNA inheritance:

1) Your inheritance colors who you are and how you act or react until you become
aware of it.

2) Once you are aware of your inheritance, you have the ability and choice to change it.

Clear decisions, when reinforced, become ingrained mindsets and patterns that you then pass down to your children and theirs. All too often we create it reactively and unconsciously and use it to limit ourselves and those who come after us. We are seldom taught that we can use our decision-making capabilities to create strengths that we can then mindfully pass down to future generations. The choice lies with you. Are you creating a chain of capability or a weight of suffering? Don’t forget, it is your mindset (thoughts, feelings and actions) that creates your reality. Once you start to exercise that muscle consciously, you are no longer at the mercy of a whimsical universe or family system, but instead a co-creator of an environment where possibility exists. Even under the direct circumstances, a single thought, feeling and action can ignite a life that you never imagined possible.

We see examples of this all the time. People get hit by a dreadful event that points them into a new directions and purpose. If you have been hit by a tragedy in your life, ask yourself one simple question – How can I use this event meaningfully to grow? Successful and happy people don’t come around once in a blue moon. They are not the lucky ones. They are the ones who simply chose something different and invested in it. When you can look at your life as it is and think one new thought, feeling and action, you are on your way
to creating a better life for yourself and for those who come after. What impact are you creating for the generations that come after you?