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Celebrating Steps You’ve Taken

No matter what the year has been like, December is a good time for reflection and celebration.  Even if the year has introduced some challenges into your life, there is always a gift in that.  And the game of life is always about using every single gift to your advantage.  This is not just a head game.  When you can see the gift and give it useful meaning you are literally rewiring your old patterns and reshaping your future. 

If you were laid off from your job or had a glitch in your career, ask yourself what you learned during that period of time.  What did you do that you might not have gotten to do otherwise?  A client of mine had to change career paths due to Covid-19, as she was unable to financially sustain a long period of time off work.  While she was unhappy about changing jobs, the move enabled her to begin saving and start looking towards bigger goals and a brighter future. 

The only time there is no gift is when people don’t look for it or refuse to see it.  Learning to see and change your life this way results in new patterns and new futures. Learn about my upcoming events for 2022!