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Apple Pie & Summer Sky

Money is a great place marker for all sorts of things; love, safety and power to name a few.  The way it shows up for you is highly dependent on what you say to yourself about it.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions around money are rooted in the thoughts, feelings and actions of your ancestors.

How did your ancestors handle money?  What did they say about it?  What were the unspoken rules about it?  What do
you tell yourself about money?  Does it grow on trees?  Is it only for the chosen few? Does it come and go?  Do you have to work hard to earn it?  Is there never enough?

We have made these thoughts, feelings and actions our own, but they often don’t belong to us.

Many of these sayings originated with our ancestors and have been passed down through the generations via our Emotional DNA.

At our Money DNA event, we are going to take a deep dive into your Money DNA, at the most magical place on Earth – DISNEY WORLD!  If anyone knew how to reshape their Money DNA, it was Walt and it wasn’t always easy for him either.  After each day’s coursework, you will take what you’ve learned into the parks.  You will see examples of Walt’s Money DNA and ground what you’ve learned in play.

Walt overcame the limiting Money DNA that plagued his family to build one of the most spectacular places on Earth.  What will you do when you overcome yours?

Join us at Money DNA Event at Walt Disney in Florida!