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Back to School for Everybody - You Included!

You’re never too old to learn how to succeed. And the area of money is no exception. Just
because you are struggling now, it doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be. Are you having
difficulties paying bills? Are you unable to go on any vacation, let alone a dream vacation?
Does money feel like an area of failure for you?

What are you telling yourself about money? When did you start telling yourself that? Where
did your thoughts, feelings and actions about money come from? Did your parents think, feel
and act the same way? In other words, is this your money pattern or did it originate
somewhere else?

You sell yourself a point of view about money and if you buy into that, it will become your new
truth. Buyer beware! This is exactly the right time in your life to choose how money will show
up in your world.

At our interactive Money DNA event at Disney World this October, we will show you where
your Money DNA comes from, what your money bandwidth is and how to move beyond its
limitations. In the parks, you will get to see how one man overcame his limiting Money DNA to
create an entire world.