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The Ghosts of Generations Past

How many of you have been to a haunted house?  Are you aware that many of us carry generations of haunting ghosts within us?  These inner ghosts can be just as scary as the ones we see at Halloween.  Only these are with us throughout the year, scaring us every time we try to do something different!


Leaders are often haunted by the ones who came before them and the fear of repeating or meeting the same fate.  Only when they can see the hidden ghosts and patterns can they escape them and choose a different path.  Of course, they have to look at them first to be able to move. 


At our Leadership and Organizational DNA events we take a look at the hidden patterns that sabotage companies and their leadership.  Once those ghosts are seen, the patterns can be reframed, and old haunting patterns can retire.  Join us in exploring what is haunting you or your organization.  Finally, lay old ghosts to rest!