How to Change Your Money Mindset & Money DNA

Why do some people have a lot of money and others do not? Why is it so effortless for some people to build wealth while others struggle from one money obstacle to the next? The simple answer is Money DNA. Your Money DNA determines whether you will or won’t, can or can’t have money.

“But it can’t be that simple!” people say incredulously. And yet it really is.

Money Mindset Blocks

You inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions around money, just like you inherit patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions around other emotional DNA issues. Events involving money—financial losses, bankruptcies, sudden loss of a home or other possessions, poverty cycles, and the inability to earn more money for some reason—these events occur and trigger powerful emotional reactions to these events.

Despair, worry, guilt, remorse, depression, anxiety around money, etc. turn into language, thoughts, feelings, and actions around money that can then be passed down to future generations. This epigenetic inheritance, in turn, becomes your truth about money. This is the exact opposite effect to what happens when you build positive money beliefs.

In family systems, I often see multiple generations struggling with money issues until someone comes along who sees what they don’t like and then becomes determined to do things differently. The trick is to do this consciously. I see so many people who unconsciously break out of an inherited poverty cycle and make a lot of money, only to lose it inexplicably along the way. Stories are legion about poor people who win the lottery who are back even deeper in debt only a few years later. They briefly break out of negative money beliefs yet are pulled back into the pattern because they are unaware of them.

How to Overcome Money Blocks

Exploring money mindsets and patterns requires a willingness to look at and put down all the excuses we have about why we don’t or can’t have money.

The first part of this exploration lies in examining your limiting beliefs about money which can clearly show up in your thoughts and language about money. For example, do people in your family say things like the following: “Only people who have money make money.” Or, “Love of money is the root of all evil.” Or “You can have love or money, but not both.” Or “Money can’t buy happiness.” Or “Rich people are greedy.”

How on earth do you think you can possibly attract money with thoughts like these in your subconscious mind, running the show? How can you see and embrace wealth opportunities when they come knocking at your door?

Here’s a story from my own life that’s a perfect example.

One night, I went to a casino with a friend. She hit several jackpots playing slots. (She had a great relationship with money going!) For some reason, at one point, I found myself holding both her and my cup of coins—and on my next play I hit the jackpot! And then I realized on that particular play I’d taken three coins from her cup instead of mine by mistake.

Instead of simply replacing her coins with three coins from my cup and collecting my winnings, all my family codes and patterns about money kicked in—especially the one about being impeccably honest to a fault. I reasoned that having used coins from her cup, the jackpot, therefore, belonged to her. Despite having already won several jackpots that evening, she willingly accepted my jackpot winnings when I offered them.

Was she being greedy? Most people would think so. But in reality, she was simply totally open and willing to receive! She obviously had a good relationship with money! I, on the other hand, had so many money mindset blocks acting as a barrier that money couldn’t break through to get to me.

A Needed Money Mindset Shift

In my family, money was deeply desired yet regarded with suspicion. You also had to slog for money and really work for it. That was the mindset. Above all else, you had to be impeccably honest to a fault with it. Really unhelpful, negative money beliefs, right? 

Breaking Family Patterns

It took taking a long hard look at my relationship with money to change those family patterns. I had to realize that money was not evil and that it wasn’t hard to get and I didn’t have to slog for it. One of the biggest ahas! I had was that money isn’t really a commodity. It’s a relationship!

Money can be a friend and can, indeed, be deeply spiritual. It was only when my heart opened to money and I started treating it as a friend that I started breaking family patterns around money and money started to want to get close to me in return. Once I realized money was a relationship I could cultivate, my brain could start spotting the opportunities, and my gut could finally get excited about money and act as a strong inner compass guiding me to it!

When you show up for money and think of it kindly and treat it well, it shows up for you. Once you start to change your relationship with money you begin to change your relationship with yourself and your earning capabilities. People attending my Money DNA events find themselves with fuller pockets, happier hearts, and a sense of adventure. 

In my next blog this month, discover how to elevate your money mindset!

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