Vault from Fear to Freedom: Rewiring Your Emotional DNA | Walt Disney World | November 1-4, 2024

Vault from Fear to Freedom: Rewiring Your Emotional DNA

Freedom isn’t blind luck. It’s a commitment and an adventure taken. Come find YOURS!

Disney World, Orlando Florida 
November 1-4, 2024 

Are you ready to consciously move from fear to FREEDOM in your life?

This 4-Day Themed Event is for YOU!

*Airfare & accommodations not included. 

We all know that determination and ambition are drivers of success, and we tend to think that success brings us freedom. But freedom comes from moving through fear to be able achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. Being able to express our unique gifts is what drives truly massive success.

Freedom brings enthusiasm, energy, and zest to our lives and imaginations. It unlocks the creative part of our brain, the part that loves to build purpose and fulfill dreams, giving us our appetite for life, unleashing our full potential.

Unfortunately, all too often family fear patterns formed by the decisions of our ancestors long before we were born, get passed down to us—fear patterns that show up as emotions, thoughts, triggers and actions (or inaction)—blocking our freedom to authentically express ourselves. They shut down the creative brain and dictate the amount of success we can experience, sometimes even ensuring we never leave the starting gate.

This event is about discovering, acknowledging, and rewiring those limiting fear patterns and setting yourself free, unleashing your full creative potential!

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

There are HUGE benefits to undertaking the journey to freedom by rewiring your Emotional DNA. If you’re ready to move beyond excuses and onto a path that will take you to your success, join us at the Beach and Yacht Club—the luxury section of Disney World created by Walt Disney. (He activated his Freedom DNA creating a whole world just to remind us that anything is possible!)

In this special event you will learn how to:

    • Identify your fears and limiting patterns
    • Find your courage and learn to stretch beyond old limits
    • Stop dodging bullets and start looking for clues and steps that lead to your goals
    • Step into the freedom of being YOU
    • Discover and use higher emotions to soar!

Success isn’t the result of a blinding flash of insight and a dream instantly realized.

It’s the result of unshackling yourself from old patterns and lower emotions, dreaming BIG and flying free!

What’s included:

    • Four full days of experiential learning
    • Breakout sessions to deepen your understanding
    • Written manual to guide your learning after you leave
    • Daily breakfast
    • Access to the International Food and Wine Festival
    • Daily deluxe snacks 
    • Daily surprises to help you enjoy the magic of Disney
    • Transportation to and from the parks to the hotel

Please note: Due to conference requirements, everyone who attends this event must stay onsite at the Beach Club. Room sharing is allowed.

Park tickets are at your own discretion and should be bought before you arrive at Disney. Please note that you are now again able to park hop freely. (And that’s a big deal)

Class details

    • Classes will be held at the Saybrook Room at the Yacht Club, walking distance from hotel
    • Start time 8:30 am breakfast
    • 9 am class – 4 pm
    • Lunch breaks
    • Park attendance after class ends.

Special Pricing

    • Early Bird Price if registered by April 30th: $1395 – Use Code: DisneyApril30
    • Quasi-early Bird Price if registered by June 30th: $1595 – Use Code: DisneyJune30
    • Discounted Price if registered by July 30th: $1695 – Use Code: DisneyJuly30
    • Final Deadline to register is October 15th: $1795
  • Due to Disney’s conference policies, these fees are nonrefundable.

 $100 Referral Thank-You

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues and you receive a $100/person referral reimbursement for each person who attends the same workshop.

Urgent Call to Action: Accommodations are limited so please book as soon as possible to hold your spot.

Health DNA | July 26-28, 2024

Health DNA

July 26-28, 2024 | Houston, TX

The Program

The modern science of epigenetics has proven that we are deeply affected by the traumas, joys, choices and actions of our ancestors. We often live our lives unconsciously aligned and entangled with the lives of our how our predecessors lived theirs. Epigenetics also shows how patterns of ill health are passed down from one generation to the next. However, our awareness of the patterns and their effects enables us to change some of those patterns and begin to lie healthier happier lives.

Understanding our patterns and unconscious loyalties along with the inner language of pain or success it generates enables us to see the light, flip the switch and reframe our lifestyle, thus influencing our health patterns.  

Discover the inherited health DNA patterns that have invisibly influenced your life both positively and negatively. Learn to find the gift in ancestral influences, neurologically rewire limiting perceptions they inspired and hen turn around and create a whole new pathway for yourself and your own descendants. 

In this event you will:

  • Learn how to identify the root causes of your issues.
  • Understand family and other systems and the clues they contain to your limiting patterns as well as to the future you want.
  • Understand how your language is also a clue to the patterns that want to stop and start in your life.
  • Learn make the invisible visible and the unconscious conscious.
  • Learn how to dimensionalize an issue and experience transformation in real time.
  • Neurologically rewire limiting thoughts feelings and actions.
  • Understand that you are never stuck.
  • Learn how to see and embrace opportunity.


  • Elevated mind and body patterns
  • A deep awareness that a lot of your health is in your own hands
  • An increased awareness of possibility for your life
  • Greater appetite for living
  • Deeper connection with self, others and life itself
  • Learning to experience more high-level emotions, such as gratitude, joy, and passion

LOCATION: The Drury Inn Hotel Houston  1615W Loop S TX 77027

PRICE: $825

  • Ask about $200 referral coupons for referring new attendees to the 3-day class!

Family Constellation Coaching | July 25, 2024

Family Constellation Coaching

July 25, 2024 | Houston, TX

About this Event

Family Constellation (1 Day) July 25, 2024 | $100

Welcome to Family Constellation. Join us on for a transformative experience. These in-person events are designed to help you uncover and resolve hidden family patterns that may be affecting your life. Through guided exercises and group discussions, you will gain new insights and tools to create new possibilities with your family system. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself and your family system. See you there!

What is Emotional DNA?

Have you ever noticed that you keep doing the same thing over and over again? Maybe things you told yourself you would never do like mom and dad? These patterns are pointing to what is not working anymore, so that we can begin to perceive where change is possible. You know you inherit your physical DNA, but do you also know you inherit your emotional DNA?

Your patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions. This shows up, for example, in relationships, leadership, organizations, finances, and many other areas of your life. In systemic work, we identify patterns that are passed from generation to generation, offering the opportunity for resolution, evolution, and transformation.

What is a constellation?

A constellation is a 3D approach used to explore issues in your system. It uses people or objects to represent relevant elements of your system. Individuals, families, and organizations use constellations to illuminate tensions, blockages, imbalances, opportunities and directions. Constellations highlight unconscious loyalties and hidden patterns within your system. Using a constellation, we are able to make the unconscious conscious and the invisible visible.

Note: The Family Constellation (1 Day) event is on July 25, 2024 at $100, and the Growing Your Health DNA (3-Day Theme Constellation) event is on July 26 – 28, 2024 at the $850 price with Judy Wilkins-Smith & Brian Stovall.

Both classes are listed below for your ease, and each event has its own special individual offer, and are registered for and paid for separately, and are not included together as one price. So, please register for the 1 day here, and the 3 day at the link below. Remember, these classes can work wonderfully together, and can build experientially.

So, join us for both the Family Constellation (1 day), and the Growing Your Health DNA (3-Day Theme Constellation) event to step into the world of systems and their powerful possibilities for you. What one step can you take today for you that would change everthing? 

  • Family Constellation (1 Day) July 25, 2024| Special Offer $100
  • Ask about $50 referral coupons for referring new attendees to the 1-day class!
  • Growing your Health DNA (3 Day Theme Constellation) July 26-28, 2024| Special Offer $850
  • Ask about $200 referral coupons for referring new attendees to the 3-day class!
  • Have you read the books or listened to the meditations of Judy Wilkins-Smith? Suggested reading & listening are listed below with links. Also here is a link to Judy Wilkins-Smith on YouTube.
  • Netflix has Family Constellations on The Goop Lab series Episode 5, and also on a series called Another Self. We invite you to watch.

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