Interactive Genealogy Is About to Change Your Life

Genealogy is more than a record of your ancestry. It holds the clues to where you belong, and how and why you struggle or succeed. And if you know how to look at what’s in your lineage, it may just change your life–now and for generations to come.

Using what you know to decode your Emotional DNA and recode your future

This is a shout-out to,, and all of you who have eagerly pursued your roots (myself included). It’s exciting to find out where you come from and to whom you’re related but the question is, what do you do with that information?

Most of us connect, smile and close the computer. Some of us are driven to trace our roots back as far as we can, and we’re even a bit fascinated by the similarities we may uncover. However most of us don’t realize that clues to our own success are contained in events and decisions made by our ancestors. They shape who we are for generations–until someone chooses to be the changemaker.

Applying systemic work and exploring family constellations can show you what to do with what you’ve learned about your ancestry through interactive genealogy. By exploring our ancestry through a deeper systemic lens, we begin to see that actions, language, mindsets, successes and failures often repeat. In fact, you might ask yourself if your limitations and failures began with you.

The conscious awareness of what lives in our system stops our history from becoming our future.

You’ve heard me say many times not only do we inherit our physical DNA, we also inherit our Emotional DNA. You may want to look at your thoughts and points of view and see if indeed they belong to you and if they serve you. If the answer is no, then also know this. The future is yours to change!

Decisions about the significant events in our families create patterns that can affect our success and failure without us realizing that the inheritance has trickled down to us. So sometimes when we feel stuck or lost it may pay us to do more than just look at where we belong. In fact, it may not even be our stuck-ness!

Using the systemic approach and constellations, we can illuminate hidden patterns, and work to resolve or reframe them. We can turn our limitations into the gifts and opportunities they were meant to be.

You are the changemaker. Once you know what lives in your systems, beginning with your family system you can consciously decide what to keep, what to change and what to leave behind.

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