Systemic Transformation: What Is It and How Do We Do It?

Many of you have shared how your lives have changed since you started doing constellations work. You ask how to do more of that on a daily basis and you also ask what transformation really means. Seeing as transformation means so many things to so many different people, the second half of that question is a little harder, but I am going to answer both from a systemic perspective.

Have you ever felt that full-on body experience that gives you goosebumps? Perhaps you even felt like you were in an altered state, seeing and feeling things differently and at that moment you knew something had shifted. You may even speak of it as a time or event that changed your life. For all too many of us, this happens when we have an event that forces us to change and not always in what feels like a good way at the time. We will say in retrospect it was a good thing but having to change from shock or urgency isn’t pleasant nor is it necessary.

Conscious change carries a whole other level of transformation. In this space, we intentionally identify places we wish to change and the ways we want to feel and then actively go about making both happen. We switch from victims to co-creators and refer to this space as euphoric and life-changing. Why?

We get so caught up in our day to day life that we forget all that we are truly capable of creating and experiencing the remarkable. It’s not that we are closed-minded it’s that we may be closed-hearted and when the heart closes, so does the mind. When we hold strong points of view, we often don’t look for others, and so our point of view can become a reality for us. We may say: “I can’t do x, I am simply not smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough” and then that becomes the truth. Only, it’s really just your truth and you can change that any time you want to.

It’s when we deeply desire something or run out of excuses and mindfully open our hearts and actively look for and envision what we truly desire that everything changes. We create our own space in our systems, using our unique voices and it feels incredible, wonderful and right.

We find with systemic work and constellations, that you are able to create transformation where the right space exists when you are in a particular frame of mind, and when you consciously choose to change. To change, you first have to acknowledge your life exactly the way that it is without wishing for it to be different. You stop resisting and struggling and look. Now, you are free to imagine what’s possible and explore other options. Then you have to choose that path and follow it all the way to the conclusion. In neuroscience, they would say you are rewiring your brain. In constellations work, we say that you are rewriting your multi-generational histories and your futures.

Now. Transformation. When you open your heart, you can see possibilities. As you raise your consciousness or awareness, you are capable of profound and lasting shifts. Constellations make use of multiple senses and patterns to facilitate that. By dimensionalizing your inner image so that you can see it, feel it and interact with it, you shift from a head exercise to that full body-heart-mind experience that facilitates change and transformation. At that moment you are literally changing who you are. Your brain is rewiring. Your future is no longer repetition of your ancestral history. You are writing a new chapter.

We see students of systemic work returning to explore more layers of themselves and we see successful executives and organizations specifically requesting systemic coaches. They understand that transformation is a way of life, not a one-time thing and they recognize that the integrated human brain, heart and gut system is an emerging capability for humanity.

Daily Transformation

And this is the second part of your question. How do you create transformation daily?

As always, it’s time to grow your constellations insight just a bit more. And by the way, I love hearing from those of you who use these free exercises and let me know the results. Thank you. Keep the comments coming. Please also remember that transformation is no longer a woo-woo word. These days for successful people, it’s a must in their toolkits.

Today I want you to write down something that you would really like to do, that you know would grow you in ways that would make you happy and fulfilled and yet, you don’t do it. Then put that piece of paper down on the floor and just notice what happens as it lies there. What do you tell yourself about it and how do you feel?

Write down on separate pieces of paper:

  • Why I can’t do that
  • Who first told me I couldn’t do it?
  • Who told them they couldn’t do it?
  • What it feels like to not do what I really want to do
  • What it would feel like to do that thing and be really good at it
  • What it might cost me if I did it?
  • What it might cost me if I don’t?

Now place that thing you want to do on the floor and then place all the other pieces of paper around it in a way that feels right to you. (Trust your gut on this one. You have a better inner guidance system than you suppose.)  They represent the edge of the conscience that has you stuck. Stand on or near each one. Notice all the inner sentences that stop you and ask are they really true or have you made them your reason for not writing your own chapter? Remember, if you don’t, those who come after you can’t either.

Then stand on that thing you really want to do. No censoring. Just stand there and allow yourself to feel what that feels like. Feel it as much as you can.

Finally, ask yourself:

  • Is my desire to do what calls me, strong enough to get me past what tells me I can’t. If not, what steps do I need to put in place to create enough weight to move to the desire.

Remember if you are excited to learn more, or stuck and wanting to move ahead, there are workshops to assist you to do just that. Please explore my Workshops and join me for a life-changing experience.

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