How Personal Relationships Impact Professional Relationships

Your relationships at work are frequently reflections of your relationships at home.  Either in collusion with or opposition to what is happening at home.  We also know that systems seek resolution.  What you don’t complete in one system will present itself again in other systems until resolution is achieved.

I ask my clients who have problems with their bosses which parent they struggle with.  If they struggle with their colleagues I ask if they have problems with their siblings.  Systems are always in service of us.  So, if you have a persistent relationship problem, it is not only showing you what needs to stop but showing you that something better is just around the corner – if you are willing to look.  Being stuck means simply that our box has gotten too small and there is something more for us.

Write down one place where you struggle at work and see if there is a similar place at home.  If the answer is yes, the chances are your relationship patterns are asking to be addressed.  During our Relationship DNA event in June, we will explore both personal and professional aspects of your relationships.

Relationships are the foundation of success – come and join us!

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