Relationships and Mothers


A mother is our first relationship.  If we are separated from our mothers, it can feel like a life-or-death situation.  As we grow up and individuate, we begin to discover that we may not die after all.

When we don’t do well with our mothers, we may struggle with our other relationships.  The way we treat our mothers is often the way we treat our partners.  When we cannot take any nurturing from our mothers, we may have difficulties taking mentoring from our bosses.

When we do well with our mothers, life often flows smoothly.

I had a client who could not stand to be micromanaged.  She did not want everybody “in her business”.  When we had a look at the relationship with her mom, she realized that mom had micromanaged her entire life, including who she could date, until she rebelled.  When she was able to see the reasons for her mother’s behavior, she could finally have a conversation with her mother and allow others to assist her at her work.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Now might be a really good time to examine your relationship with your mother.  During our Relationship DNA event in June, one of the dynamics we will explore is the mother/child relationship.  Join us to create fulfilling relationships!

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