Relationships and Fathers

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Mothers give birth to us and fathers introduce us to the world.  We often look to our fathers as a measure of our own success.  We want them to know we’ve made it in the world.  Fathers are often very important models for our career trajectories.

When we do well with our fathers, we often find it easier to take direction from others.  If we struggle with our fathers, we may find ourselves resisting authority and may not know how to take our full place in life.  In our careers we may find that we stall or fail at the same places they did.

I had a client who was right at the top of the ladder and suddenly felt at-risk, as though he might lose it all.  When I asked him about his father’s career, he said his father was fired as a CEO and never regained that status.  When we explored, he realized that he had a fear of attaining success only to have it taken away.  It became important for him to do it differently than dad.  By tweaking one or two characteristics he shared with dad he was able to avoid taking the same path.

During our Relationship DNA event in June, one of the dynamics we will have a look at the ways you may be repeating patterns of self-sabotage as well as the relationship between you and your father.  Join us to grow dynamic relationships!


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